Application Assistance Package


A package of 30+ email and letter templates that you can edit to suit your needs.


Our programs are meticulously planned by our team and designed in a manner geared toward the maximisation of efficiency. Your time is valuable, so our goal is to best prepare you while taking up the least amount of your time possible. Following is PEAinternationals done-for-you personalised email and letter templates.

Your templates will be designed by 3 of our trainers and will consist of 10 personalised email templates, 10 letters of Intent templates, and 10 personalised letters of recommendation templates. Your templates will be designed specifically to your needs as an aspiring elite student-athlete looking to gain entry into college on a sports scholarship.


  • 10 Personalised email templates: Value $1000
  • 10 Personalised letter of intent templates: Value $1000
  • 10 personalised letters of recommendation templates: Value $1000
  • 05 bonus resume templates: Value $800


The team at PEAinternational will provide professionally designed templates tailored to your wants and needs. These will be downloadable templates available to you immediately after your registration process and will be completely editable for you to use as you please.

Our team will compile well-written email templates designed for application purposes.

We will also provide, free of charge, 5 bonus resume templates, designed specifically for you, to put you on the right path to sporting success.

You can become a member of Promoting Elevating Athletes private Facebook group as a great extra resource filled with a community of sportsters like yourself. There, we give you the tools and strategies required to successfully gain entry into college/university on a sports scholarship. You can join by following this link

If you would like to talk with one of our team members before you decide on this big step, you can schedule a free 30-min consultation call today to discuss the options available to you. Jump on a call today by following this link



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