Would you like Brooke Hamilton to build your athlete’s 4-year college recruiting plan? Immediately using her unique strategies and processes to catapult them to success? Brooke gives you access to expert consulting, and world-leading coaches, scouts and educators. She provides one exclusive service without adding to your to-do list?

It’s A Competitive Game

College sports is an extremely competitive game. There are many factors to consider if you are going to build an effective 4-year college recruiting plan. You want your athlete to have a strategy and plan. One that will deliver maximum results without adding to your busy schedule. You must have a strategy to position your athlete in a very competitive world. Expert consultants who will build a plan for you and provide access to world-leading professionals will produce results beyond belief.

We Are Here To Make It Easy

We are here to make the process easy without adding a million tasks to your to-do list. Your child can focus on their grades and training, and we will take care of the rest.

Brooke Hamilton offers clients a 4-year exclusive program with expert consulting that delivers results fast. She helps your athlete unleash their highest potential. You will have access to world-leading professionals to learn the latest strategies that will 10X their road to success.

We Treat Your Athlete Like The Star They Are

Here, at PEAinternational, we treat your athlete like the star they are. We believe in human connection and close relationships. We take them in and nurture them as they grow. Your athlete matters! They have the heart of our team, the very moment you come on board. There is no other company like PEAinternational. We are the ONLY exclusive company you need to help your athlete navigate the journey.

If you would like to invest in your athletes future the right way, with the right people, the first time, book a free consultation call with Brooke here to discuss the next steps. If you would like to check out a little more about our mission and what we are all about, check out Brooke’s Youtube channel The Sports Scholarship Arena