“Being an elite student-athlete can be extremely competitive, especially when you have a big vision to play college sports. It’s crucial to have a strategy, strong positioning, and a rock-solid plan. The old idea of a recruiting agency helping an athlete is tired, and spread thin. Athletes often find they have to hire numerous other services, they don’t achieve maximum results, and don’t learn the skills they need beyond college. An elite student-athlete needs a plan that will place them with a leading-edge, deliver stellar results, and save time. So, I created ‘The Elite Athletes High-Velocity College Plan’. A world-class framework for strategically placing extraordinary athletes in a position to become world-leading students-athletes achieving extraordinary results.”
CEO & Founder – Brooke Hamilton


I was an elite student-athlete with a big dream to be the best track and field star that ever did live. My parents believed in me and my grandparents were saving every single week so they could attend the 2000 Olympics and watch me perform. I was a petite teenager with the world at my feet. I was ready to do whatever it took to realise my dream and help my grandparents realise theirs.


What I didn’t know was what my parents were going through so they could give me everything I wanted. They were running themselves into the ground with no support or guidance. They didn’t know how to maximise every opportunity so it wouldn’t be so challenging. My dad had a terrible work accident which left him bed ridden and my mum began working three jobs.

As I got older I started to realise the devastating effects my dream was having on my family. Mum didn’t have enough hours in the day, dad couldn’t walk, and I had feelings of depression, anxiety, and burden flowing across me at exponential rates. I didn’t have the guidance I needed and my parents didn’t have the support they so desperately needed.


Ultimately, my parents marriage broke down, they lost almost everything they had, and my career was cut abruptly short by an injury I was too scared to speak up about.


Fast forward quite a few years later and I am now an educated mum of 5 boys. After working with junior athletes and our local sports clubs I decided it would be my mission to make sure no athlete or their family needs to go through and experience the heartache and challenges my family and I did. I founded my company Brooke Hamilton (formally PEAinternational) and created my exclusive program to provide expert consulting for elite student-athletes so their journey can be everything they dreamed it to be, without adding to their parents to-do list.

Brooke Hamilton

CEO & FOunder of "Brooke hamilton"


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