Smart & Realistic Goals That Will Lead To The “Holy Crap Never Thought Possible” Goals!

Smart & Realistic Goals That Will Lead To The “Holy Crap Never Thought Possible” Goals!

When I suggest you set smart & realistic goals that will lead to the “holy crap never thought possible goals”, I certainly DO NOT mean that you shouldn’t have those big ass goals too! The ones that you DREAM about, the ones you see in your vision every single day. You should ALWAYS have those ultimate dreams that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

However, I do mean you should set smart and realistic goals that will help you get to the “holy crap” never thought possible goals. By setting smaller achievable goals you are actually planting the seed in your head that this is what you are going to stick to, you’re making a plan and you’re going to make sure you follow it.

Mark Off Every Goal BEFORE Moving Onto The Next One

By setting these smaller goals, you won’t feel so overwhelmed by what you need to do. Nothing can get in your way. You look at it every single day and mark off every goal you achieve, BEFORE moving onto the next one. This way you can SEE the progress you are making and it motivates you to keep moving and stick to the plan. You can see yourself getting closer and closer to that big most ultimate dream.

This week at Brooke Hamilton Industries, the discussion will focus on setting smart and realistic goals that will get you to your most ultimate of ultimate goals in life. Come on over and join us at College Bound Athletes which is my private community over on Facebook. I will be hosting a live session this Friday, 9th of July 2021 titled How To Set Smart & Realistic Goals, and will kick off at 5 PM AEST, so come on over and join us before then so you don’t miss out.

Create A Plan & Build A Strategy

Okay, so being an elite student-athlete, although very rewarding, can definitely come with its challenges. There needs to be a plan created for every different element of the journey. You have to research absolutely EVERYTHING, and it is paramount that you have a solid strategy within every plan you create.

If you want to consistently show up, perform, succeed, and reach the most unbelievable of goals, you must set smart and realistic goals that will get you there. It doesn’t just happen…you have to work smart, be strategic, and set action steps that will highlight progress and help maintain motivation.

As I mentioned earlier, the best thing to do is work backwards from your most ultimate goal, through to the smaller, achievable goals that will lead you straight to the big dream.

The Advantage

The advantage to setting those smart goals is that you will LEARN crucial skills along the way that you will ABSOLUTELY need when you get to that big dream. Not to mention the amazing and influential people you can meet along the way.

Setting smart and realistic goals strategically within a plan will ensure you keep organised, stay on track, and maintain motivation when you see the progress you are making. You can LITERALLY follow your dreams without fear, stress, overwhelm, or anxiety.

When done properly, you can save yourself a lot of time!

Many Angles & Moving Pieces

There are a few angles a student-athlete needs to take when they are setting the path to their highest most ultimate goal. As you are well aware, the journey for an elite student-athlete is very complex, and with the many moving pieces and different angles, it is super important there is a solid plan in place.

First…you don’t want to burn out or become physically, mentally, or emotionally overwhelmed, so if you are only focusing on the ultimate goal without a plan, and without a strategy within that plan, you will soon find yourself in a chaotic web of “what now’s”. These will turn into “holy shits”, and soon enough you will be feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, and so on.

Sure…I can sit here all day and tell you to get into your flow, be you, step into your higher self and you will know what to do, however, while this may true for many in business and health and those chasing the IG fame, and it will also be a big element that most certainly needs to be included in the student-athletes plan, BUT…as an elite student-athlete looking to achieve their most ultimate of goals, there WILL need to be planning and strategy.

Stepping Stones To Your Big Goals

By setting smart and realistic goals, you are setting the stepping stones to your big goals, to your ultimate goals that seem totally unbelievable and out of reach. The moment you realise it can ACTUALLY be a REALITY and you begin to really believe it, big things start to happen. The stepping stones of goals will gradually fall away and your progress will motivate you to keep moving forward.

When a student-athlete is determining where their stepping stones will go, they will need to think about both, academics and sports. Where do you want your academics to lead you? What do you want the final result to be? What professional career do you want when you finish? Then…what team do you want to play for in college/university? What position do you want to play in that team, what team do you want to play with, professionally, when you finish higher education?

The ONE Thing You WANT More Than Anything Else

From there…you will have your huge ass dream that seems totally unbelievable at first until you look at the stepping stones. This is the ONE thing you WANT more than anything when you are no longer playing professional sports. Perhaps you want to incorporate your knowledge of sports into your career. Maybe you have a dream to become a millionaire and retire early. The point…it’s big, it’s unbelievable, it seems impossible…BUT IT’S NOT!

So…work out the stepping stones that will first lead you to your academic and sports goals, which will then lead you to your ultimate goal. Your stepping stones are your plan, and all the SMART & REALISTIC goals in between are your strategy within the plan. And put all together perfectly, you will achieve the unbelievable, the unrealistic, the ultimate “holy crap it’s the holy grail’ of goals. It takes belief, hard work, and focus…but NOTHING is impossible. What you can create in the mind, you can bring to life.

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Be The Grit, Be The Power, & Be The Grace!

Brooke x

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