Practice Harnessing The Power of Positivity!

Practice Harnessing The Power of Positivity!

There are so many easy ways to say “oh c’mon, have a little positivity” or “Focus on the positive and the positive will happen”. However, we all know deep down within ourselves that it is much easier said than done. When you feel overwhelmed, sad, frustrated, fizzled, or angry, and you just don’t WANT to smile, to practice harnessing the power of positivity can be hard, and such comments can actually make you feel worse…almost like punching the person in the face who said it.

We also know, this is definitely not an option or a solution (though sometimes fun to imagine). And that is where you begin harnessing the power of positivity, with your imagination. What your mind can dream and imagine is absolutely key to turning those yucky emotions and unwanted feelings around. Read on, because I am going to give you a few of the hot little secrets I practice which help me in harnessing the power of positivity before my challenges become many.

Positivity Strategies Are FREE & Simple To Use

There are a ton of strategies and tools you can get your hands on that are free and simple to use. All they take is a bit of time out of your daily routine. When practised daily, these strategies will just become like second nature to you. You will be able to call on them any time you need to and they will help you make that quick switch from negative to positive without even thinking about it. Then, you can save yourself from having to hear those comments at a time when you really DON’T want to hear them.

One of the most powerful tools for me personally, is the power of positive self-talk. I am a firm believer that what you can dream, you can do. If you can change your mindset, you can change your outcome. Practice harnessing the power of positivity and you are well on your way to your dreams.

Here’s Three Ways I Practice Harnessing Positivity

  • Daily positive mantras – Think of a phrase such as “today is going to be a positively glorious day”. Or, just one positive word like “superstar”, and repeat it to yourself daily. You will soon begin to notice the difference between your busy days. I repeat a positive phrase that is related to something I will be facing for the day. Something like “today I will create brilliance”. I repeat it ten times in the morning and ten times at night. At night I will change the word “today” to “tomorrow” if it relates. I also come back to that phrase during the day if I am facing an unexpected challenge.
  • Daily affirmations and journaling – Every morning it is super helpful to write a list of daily affirmations. It doesn’t have to be a whole page of them to be effective. You just write whatever you have time to. I found this to be a crucial step for me. Every time I THINK I don’t have time, I don’t face the day with the same energy and focus. Another thing I do every single day, is, write down all of my hopes, dreams, goals, and desires. Everything positive I see myself doing now and in the future in my journal. Manifestation is a super powerful technique in getting what you WANT and DESERVE. In stepping into your TRUE reality and becoming the true YOU. But aside from this, it helps you start and end your day on a very happy and positive note.
  • Positive Visualisation – Not everyone is a words person like me…I mean, I love to write, however, many of you may not. And sometimes there are moments when you need to harness the power of positivity and can’t get to a pen and paper…like when you’re in the middle of a game. This is where you use the power of positive visualisation to quickly switch yourself to the positive mindset you need. So you can perform at maximum capacity. Imagine you are somewhere you dream of being, somewhere you are super happy and achieving all of your goals. It may be at a major competition or tournament, it may be on a medal podium, wherever you are dreaming of going…PUT YOURSELF THERE! Then visualise the sights, sounds, smell, and people there. You will soon find yourself smiling and feeling much more positive and focused. Practice harnessing the power of positivity through visualisation and you will notice a HUGE difference.

Without Positivity You Won’t Achieve Your Dreams

If you struggle to harness the power of positivity, you will never go as far as you DREAM. Negative feelings and emotions will only get you so far. Soon you will find it difficult to get over the many challenges you will come across on your journey, and they will pile up feeling like a massive weight on your shoulders, and this can lead to some very serious mental health issues. Positivity is important, not only for your physical performance, but also for your mental health, focus and concentration levels, and cognitive abilities. So please hear me when I say, it is best practice to harness the power of positivity NOW before your challenges become many.

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Peace, joy, love, and positivity from me to you!

Brooke xo


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