Be The Mentor You Were Meant To Be!

Be The Mentor You Were Meant To Be!

Imagine for a moment. You have all the time management and leadership skills that make you the mentor you were meant to be. How would it feel to be able to lead, teach, and help other student-athletes? Help them navigate situations that you may have struggled with, or felt overwhelmed with in the past? Imagine now, that you could put these absolutely crucial skills on your resume. You can put them in your sports portfolio for your college or university applications.

The benefits of being mentored for a student-athlete are exponential. When a student-athlete has a mentor, they are learning the very skills it takes to be a mentor themselves. They are developing the ever-so critical skills that coaches, recruiters, and admissions are looking for. They want an athlete who can show they are willing to learn. Having a mentor, clearly shows you are willing to learn. Coaches want someone who is also keen to teach, set a good example, and LEAD. Becoming a mentor absolutely shows you are more than keen to share your knowledge, teach, and LEAD.

It Only Makes Sense

It therefore only makes sense that an elite student-athlete transitioning into higher education would join a student-athlete mentoring program. And guess what? There are thousands of them out there. If you actually can’t find one that is suited to you or your team, start one. You will need other experienced student-athletes. And, it’s important to have a coach or guidance officer etc, onboard also. If you have those, it is absolutely worth building a student-athlete mentoring program. Everyone benefits from an elite student-athlete mentoring program.

A mentor can continue developing leadership skills. A mentee can learn good time management and begin learning leadership skills. And, the wider community benefits because it has good strong leaders coming through the ranks. It’s a snowball effect as you grow. Leaders become many, and thousands of younger, less experienced student-athletes continue to roll through. Soon enough, a few turns into hundreds, then thousands even. There are no losers in a student-athlete mentoring program.

It’s Simply A No-Brainer

I mean, it’s simply a no-brainer, right? So start looking around. First, begin by looking for a mentor yourself. Someone who you absolutely gel with, preferably someone who keeps a similar schedule to you. It’s super important you are able to spend 1:1 time together. I suggest you put time into your schedules each week to spend that time together. You want to be with someone who lets you be YOU! This is not about them pushing you around and telling you what to do. It’s about them showing you how to step into the superstar role that you are aiming for. You are there to learn the crucial skills it takes to achieve your most ultimate goals. It’s best to ensure that the mentor you choose, is going to let you be YOU.

Use Knowledge To Your Advantage

A big piece of this though…you have to be able to listen and learn. Take onboard advice and use your mentor’s knowledge to your advantage. They are giving you one of their most valuable things, which is? You guessed it…TIME! If they are kind enough to give you their time, you should be kind enough to accept their knowledge and wisdom with grace and gratitude. The things you can learn from someone who has already walked a similar path to yours, are worth more than you could ever imagine. Accept them like the champ you are…and you will absolutely go as far as the stars if you so choose to.

Eventually, you will step out of the mentee role, well, kind of anyway. Truth be told, you will probably never step out of the mentee role (that’s if you are wise) because no matter what stage of life you are at, there is always someone you can learn from. However, you will have gained the skills and abilities to become a mentor and have the opportunity to help other student-athletes who are younger and less experienced than you. You can teach them how to be the best versions of themselves, how to be a good role model, and how to listen, learn, teach and lead. Put that baby on your applications, in your resume and sports portfolio, and you are well on your way to achieving your ultimate sports and academic goals.

Step Into The Role You Know You Were Meant To Star In

My point is…for any of you who want to build the skills you KNOW you are going to need, and you want to step into the role you KNOW you were meant to star in, then the best advice I could give you, is to look into a student-athlete mentoring program. And let me put it to you like this, by acting as a mentor, you are able to build those skills doing something that you absolutely love, in a field, you are DEEPLY passionate about, rather than having to seek employment or extra volunteer and community roles that you know you REALLY don’t have time for at this point. Unless you absolutely have to find employment for financial reasons, then, of course, I would say to do that, however, if you just want to build crucial skills, a student-athlete mentoring program is a superb option to visit.

Want To Know More?

If you would like any information to help you find, or start, a student-athlete mentoring program, you can email me anytime here. You can also check out any of my social platforms where I am pumping content all week covering this very topic. You can find all of my live sessions at College Bound Athletes or you can tune into The College Sports Success Podcast for any bonus material and resources.

Alternatively, you can go one step further and book a consultation call if you would like to chat about any of my programs and courses (Psst…I am launching The Sportsfolio Super Series at a super-secret price…shhh…don’t tell my team because they will think I have gone mad). If you would like to build your sports portfolio from cover to back page and do it right the first time, you will want to check it out. Just shoot me an email if you want to know more.

Stay super and remember…you are a star…so go shine and be the mentor you were meant to be!

Brooke xx


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