Sports Portfolio Academic & Sports Pages

Sports Portfolio Academic & Sports Pages

Today, the sports portfolios saga continues. This week, we have been focusing on sports portfolio academic and sports pages. 

It’s All Professional Here

The sports portfolio academic and sports pages must be kept clean, sleek, smart, and professional. I say it all the time that you need to know when to be creative and when to be professional. This is where you keep it professional. These are the two pages that MUST be professional. They are the detailed pages the coach needs to know. Remember, whatever the coach needs to know should be professional. Whatever the coach wants to know, can be creative and show personality.

The coaches must be able to easily read the details. They need to be able to read it in a very short time frame. With colour going on all over the pages, it’s hard to draw the eye where it needs to be.

Don’t Forget Before You Start

When you send the document off, check the sports portfolio academic and sports pages have headings, subheadings, and page numbers.

Academics Come First

Always remember that academics come before sports. There’s no student-athlete without the student first. The academics need to come first. A coach won’t look further than the academics if they’re not at the level they need to be. They won’t look further until they can improve their grades. Even the title of this blog, Sports Portfolio Academic and Sports Pages, puts academics first.

The coach needs to know your athlete will qualify for academics. From there, they can guide your athlete and give some advice on how to start improving. Or, they can tell your athlete how great their academics are. They could offer advice on how to keep their sports achievements up.

For now, don’t worry about the layout. On the 21st of December, I will be showing you how the layout should be. There will be a FREE live training session in my private community College Bound Athletes on the layout. You can join here.

Begin From Year 9

First, you are best starting the sports portfolio academic and sports pages from year nine on. Otherwise, if you start any earlier, the document begins to get too bulky. Is your athlete in year 9 now? If they are just starting a sports portfolio, you can have some achievements dating back a bit earlier. When your athletes in year 10, then I would take a year off. When they’re in year 11, take another year off. By the time they’re in that senior year, the sports portfolio should include year 9, 10, 11 and 12.

I know everywhere is different when it comes to grades. Here in Australia, primary school is prep through to year six, then high school is year 7 to year 12. We don’t have a junior year, senior year, freshman year and so on. Wherever you’re located is obviously going to be a little bit different.

Academic Details To Include

The academic details you are going to include are any awards, certificates, and merits. All of those things that show what your athlete has been up to academically. Presentations and projects they have done that deserve credit. Most of them deserve credit, of course, but what I mean is, those special ones that really stand out.

Projects, Tests, GPA

Add public speaking events or debates your athlete may have taken part in, and any exams, tests, assignments, and GPA. 

Current Subjects & Future Goals

Include the subjects they are currently studying also. You want the coach to see your athlete moving along the path they need to be. The path to achieving their academic goals. Now, add future study goals your athlete has, so again, the coach can see they are on the right path. 


Follow this with any school community events such as stalls, discos, and concerts that your athlete is involved in. This shows a good work ethic. If your athlete is involved with and helps their high school community, coaches know they will help their college community. And that is exactly what they want. 

Include any upcoming school events. Coaches can keep an eye out for updates on how that event went. Or, there could be admissions or coaches that may want to go along and check it out. You just never know.

Sports Details To Include

Now, you want to turn to the sporting details. Sport is a little bit different with a few different elements. The sports page will have a few headings and subheadings. This is so you can cover both high school sports and clubs sports. 

Teams & Achievements

For both school and club sports, you will include awards, certificates, medals, and trophies. Add any higher-level teams your athlete has made, team events they have participated in and competed well at. Also, include individual and team statistics, milestones, and personal best records. Add records they have broken, whether it’s local, state, or the world, make sure they are in there.

Ranking & Position

Don’t forget to add your athletes ranking and position, both club and school. What is their dream future ranking? What position do they want to play in the future?  This will show your athlete knows exactly what they want, and nothing’s going to stop them. It’s essential the coaches have that kind of vibe from your athlete’s sports portfolio. You think about how many hundreds of thousands of sports portfolios coaches actually have to look at. Lots of them may not even get a look in at all. 

Media Appearances & Upcoming Events

Next, you should include any upcoming tournaments where coaches can watch your athlete physically if they want to. And folks, if they do show up there, it’s a pretty big thing. Always give them somewhere else to go. I know I say this all the time but the coach must always have somewhere else to go. Include all known upcoming tournament dates, and any training camps that they have been to, and have coming up. You should also have a section for any media mentions, interviews, and appearances. They are massive for your athlete’s college campaign in general.

Highlight Videos

And of course, you MUST include highlight video links. Highlight videos are massive. Coaches will watch them all because they just never know if that one special talent is going to be there. Have the most recent as the main highlight video. It will always be the most current. Then each video will bump down as a new one is added to the list. It becomes a playlist, with the most current sitting at the top.  Upload them YouTube so you can copy and paste the links into the sports portfolio. Coaches can click on them directly from the page they are on. They won’t have to muck around wasting time trying to view them. 

Contact Details

Just as important, with your athlete’s current coach/es permission, include their contact details. It gives coaches the option while they are looking at your athlete’s sports page, to contact them immediately. They can hop on the phone and give them a call. It’s better than going back to the reference page to work out which one is your athlete’s current coach.

Future Sports Goals

A coach will know if your athlete is trying out for the right team when they include their future goals. If a coach knows an athlete will be suitable for their sports program, they can offer advice and tips. When a college doesn’t offer what your athlete wants, don’t reach out to the coaches. Your athlete won’t be interested if it doesn’t resonate. Make sure every coach and their program resonates with exactly what your athlete wants and needs.

Wrapping Up

That is the bulk of details you will be adding to your athlete’s sports portfolio academic and sports pages. Of course, there are other things you will add. On Friday, we had our Fearless Fridays LIVE coaching session in College Bound Athletes. We went over how to lay the academic and sports pages out. We went right into the detail of where to put what on each page. If you would like to catch the replay, head to my private community College Bound Athletes. That is where you will find it, and so much more. 

Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or would like any advice. Jump on a FREE 15-minute connect call here. Or, you can send us an email anytime at Please reach out if you need any help. We are always here, ready and willing to lend a hand to our favourite people of the world.


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