How To Help Your Athlete Prepare For College & Scholarship Interviews

How To Help Your Athlete Prepare For College & Scholarship Interviews

Today, I’m going right through how to prepare your athlete for college & scholarship interviews. College interviews, scholarship interviews, work placement interviews, whatever the interview might be, everything I am going to cover will help prepare your athlete for every interview. They will be prepared so they can walk into any interview with confidence and positivity, and make a great first impression.

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With any interview, preparation is key. It is the key to your athlete being confident and positive when they go into an interview, no matter who they are being interviewed by. Preparation is what leads to confidence and positivity. You can’t just walk into an interview positive and confident without being prepared. This article will show you how you can prepare your athlete for college & scholarship interviews.

Why Are They A Good Fit?

First, your athlete should have pre-prepared questions for their college & scholarship interviews. They will be expected to answer questions about the college they are applying for. They will also be expected to know questions about the contributors to the scholarship or funding they are applying for. So your athlete is going to need to be pre-prepared with interview questions. It’s my suggestion they practice talking about why they are a good fit for a college or scholarship. Why are they a good fit for college? What makes them a good fit for the college community? Why are they a good fit as a scholarship candidate? What resonates with them? These are the things to think about.

Encourage Them To Be Themselves

Second, try to encourage your athlete to be themself. They shouldn’t go into an interview and just say whatever they think the interviewer wants to hear. Your athlete needs to be themselves because attending an interview is their chance to display their unique qualities and what they can offer. Interviewers want to know why your athlete is going to be a good fit. They need to talk about themselves in a way that’s confident, positive, and honest.  Really display how unique they are and what unique attributes they can contribute to the community.

Build Relationships

An interview is an opportunity to build relationships with the interviewers, admissions, coaches, and contributors. A chance to bond and work out what types of things they have in common on a personal level.  That gives them other things to talk about. So every interview is a chance to build a relationship with someone that’s in the industry. Whether the interview works out and they attend that college or not, they have still built a relationship they can collaborate with in the future.

Practice Makes Perfect

Number three, and this is a big one, practice makes perfect. Your athlete needs to have that confidence and positivity, and it’s not going to happen without practising their college & scholarship interviews. Have your athlete practice with you, or with friends, teachers, and coaches, whoever is willing to help by asking questions in an interview-style scenario so they can practice the questions they are going to ask, and the answers they will have for common questions as well as the broader questions.

Practice sitting up straight, shoulders back, positive and confident, and encourage them to put themselves out there. The thing to remember though is your athlete’s still won’t get it right the first time. It will improve with each interview they attend. So in saying that, I suggest when scheduling out their interviews, have their top choice down the bottom. So by the time they get to those interviews, they’ve pretty much nailed the process. They know what they’re doing, they’re confident, they’re positive. and they can go in there and do it better than the 20 interviews before that.

Questions & Answers

Not only should your athlete prepare for questions they are going to ask, but they need to practice questions they are going to answer also. They will be expected to know things about the college, the scholarship, or the contributor. Your athlete will need to practice giving good, strong, independent, and unique answers. College & scholarship interviews are one of the best opportunities your athlete will have to give admissions and coaches a good look at the unique opportunity they will be providing the school by accepting them.

First Impressions Count

Another thing to remember is, first impressions count. Presentation in an interview is super important. It’s the way your athlete carries themselves into an interview, the way they are dressed, the way their hair is done, the shoes they’re wearing, it all counts. It’s really important to know what and how your athlete is going to present themselves in an interview. They should be professional, mature, positive, confident, and comfortable. When they’re choosing something to wear, make sure it is professional, smart, comfortable, and clean.

Don’t send them in high heels if they are used to wearing flats. I mean, no one is going to be wearing high heels at university or college, not during a normal day anyway. For an athlete, most of the time when we get in heels is because we have a presentation to attend. Always remember first impressions count.

Before The Interview

Before your athlete begins attending interviews they should be thinking about, why does this school, contributor, or scholarship appeal to your them? What subjects would they like to study? What are their plans after they graduate from college? These are likely the answers they’re going to need for particular questions that contributors, admissions, and coaches will be asking them. Each interview will run anywhere up to an hour.


Please point out to your athlete, they must not under any circumstance check the time. If they are checking the time frequently, it shows disinterest. It indicates they’re bored and want to get out of there. On the other hand, don’t stress or worry if the interviewer is watching the clock.  Chances are they are likely under a really tight schedule. If they’re under a really tight schedule, then they are going to be watching the time. They’re allowed to watch the time, they’re the interviewer. If an interviewer is watching the time, it’s not because they’re disinterested or not a possible candidate, It’s simply because they probably have back-to-back interviews and need to get through them in a certain timeframe. If an interviewer is watching the time, just keep moving through the interview in a good flow with confidence and positivity.

Extras To Think About

Some other things you want to think about are, what can your athlete contribute to the college or as a scholarship candidate? How can they maintain their scholarship? Why is it the right fit for your athlete? What extracurricular activities does your athlete do that highlights their uniqueness? How do they show your athletes character? These are the things your athlete will want to be thinking about. Spending time thinking about these things will allow your athlete to come up with well thought out answers.

Adjectives & Positives

Your athlete will begin to have confidence and positivity because they can talk about themselves. One of the hardest things to do is talk about yourself, and to be able to do it in an interview type scenario is a massive plus. Also, you want to think about what adjectives can be used to describe your athlete. They will often be asked in an interview, what three adjectives describe them and why. So it’s a really good idea to start thinking about it now. What adjectives describe them? What are their strengths and weaknesses?  How have they used their strengths to accomplish things? How do they overcome weaknesses? Interviewers don’t just want to know about your athlete’s positives.

Don’t Leave Out The Negatives

They also want to know their negatives. They want to know how they work through challenges. This is what they want to hear in an interview. They want to know that your athlete can talk about these things and show how well they adapt and adjust. What activities do they find rewarding and why do they find them rewarding?  What particular subjects are they interested in at college, and why? Interviewers always want to know the ‘WHY’ not just the what, they want to know the why! This shows your athlete’s uniqueness, how is college going to help your athlete meet their goals?

Broad Questions

As mentioned earlier in this article, your athlete will want to think about broader questions they may be asked. For example, what’s their opinion on current worldwide issues that are happening? A good idea is to stay up-to-date with current issues and debates that are happening around the world, so your athlete is able to speak about them and share their opinion and what they think.

This Week In College Bound Athletes

This week in College Bound Athletes, we are taking an in-depth look at interview do’s and don’ts, interview questions and answers, what you should do before an interview, and what you need to do after an interview. We are going to be going right through all of that this week and you can join the conversation here. And don’t forget, we have our masterclass kicking off on the 28th of September. If you get in and register before the 1st of September, you will receive that early bird bonus and the prizes and giveaways throughout the masterclass. To qualify for those, you must register through the registration page. It is going to be a week of fun and value.

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Connect Calls

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