Create Your Athletes Highlight Video To WOW College Coaches, Using Only Your Phone!

Create Your Athletes Highlight Video To WOW College Coaches, Using Only Your Phone!

A student-athletes college campaign is not complete without creating a highlight video. We all know that we need to submit one, but how do you do that without having to pay thousands of dollars? That’s just for a couple of hours photography of one training session! What if it’s not a great session? And what if the final highlight video doesn’t do your athlete justice? In order to create a highlight video that will bowl coaches over, you have to highlight how amazing your athlete is. Skillset, consistency, repetition, speed, agility, offence and defence, physical build, emotion and so on. It is my opinion that it’s almost impossible to capture all that in one photo session. So today, I want to give you some tips on how to create your athletes highlight video to WOW college coaches, using only your phone.

Save The Professionals For Later

It is 100% possible to create a polished and professional highlight video using only your phone. College coaches want to see skillset, speed, consistency, build, technique, and emotion. They want to see it all within 3-5 minutes. The good news, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to videographers and photographers.

I am not saying don’t use one by any means, they can do an amazing job. While your athlete is early in the journey though, you can do an amazing job yourself. We give our parents a free photo and video shoot when they join The Student-Athletes Toolbox, which is PEAinternationals exclusive program. If you would like any information on joining, head on over and visit us at College Bound Athletes where we are about to host a FREE 5-day masterclass. You can find us here. The reality though, when you are early in the journey, save that money and put it toward something else. Then later down the track when your athlete has developed their skills and build further, you can bring in a professional.

The 4 Ingredients That Will Make Your Highlight Video Shine

There are four ingredients you will need to shoot the highlight video. You are going to need your phone, a person to shoot the video (tripod if no one will be available), your athlete, and some good editing software. Thats it! It’s really not like back in my days of being an elite student-athlete when a photo/video session required a ton of equipment, people and planning. Now, you just rock up with your phone and shoot, then use some free and easy editing software, and voila! Perfect highlight video. So now that you know the ingredients, what do you include, how do you capture it, and how do you put it together to look like the professional video you want? Let’s take a look.

Make The First 20 Seconds Count

The first thing to consider when creating your athletes highlight video, is the most important. You have to make those first 20 seconds really count. It’s kind of like the subject line of an email, if they don’t like what they see in those first few seconds, they likely wont continue watching. Have a chat with your athlete about how they are feeling, and together work out what their strongest skill is. You can ask your athletes coach what they think also. Those first 20 seconds must highlight your athlete best strengths.

Film Every Session & Mash into a Highlight Video

I strongly suggest as part of your athletes college campaign, you make arrangements to have every training session, competition, and tournament filmed. I know you are probably thinking…”oh come on, I don’t have that kind of time”. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to physically film each session, but if you can’t be there, ask the coach if they can help, or you can buy a tripod that can hold your athletes phone while they film. The reason I make this suggestion is because you never know when your athlete will have that one session that outperforms them all. Speaking from experience, it’s normally that one session when your by yourself and the films not rolling.

Another benefit is you can take the best pieces out of numerous clips, and mash them together in one epic highlight video. This can help highlight to the college coaches your athletes ability to maintain consistency and a repetition. It can also show your coaches the raw emotion they are looking for in their next star athlete.

Some Things To Remember when Shooting a Highlight Video

There are a few things you should know before you begin shooting your athletes highlight video. First, coaches do not want you to submit a highlight video that is full of music or heavy narration. They want to see and hear your athlete only. Second, don’t have training partners or coaches in the video. The only time there should be anyone else in that highlight video, is when it’s a game day or competition. Before uploading any videos, make sure there are no shots that are distant or blurry. The coaches won’t watch if it’s too hard to even see who they are looking at.

Highlight Video Editing Tools

You can edit your highlight video with free editing software that even the most tech challenged can use (that would be me). There are a lot out there to choose from. At the end of the day, it really comes down to personal preference. Four good ones are HitFilm Express 14, Apple iMovie, VideoPad, and DaVinci Resolve. It’s best to do some research before you decide. Make sure you are aware of any in-app purchases, and you have read some ratings and reviews.

Upload Your Athletes Highlight Video & Generate Clickable Links

Each time you make a new highlight video, upload it to a platform such as Youtube or Vimeo. This will require opening an account, which I highly suggest as your athlete will use them a lot during their journey. By uploading to these platforms, you will be able to create clickable links for easy sending and access. It’s not as slow as putting an old VCR tape in the mail and hoping coaches open it and watch it. You will be making it easier than ever for the coach to view your highlight videos via a clickable link in your emails, on social pages and websites, and within your athletes marketing campaign.

Your athlete can upload every training session to their pages to keep their audience updated. Those who may be silently watching, for now, will have a way to view your athletes progress and improvement as they move along the journey. Your athlete has a chance to show coaches what they are made of…every single day.

Wrapping Up Highlight Videos

In wrapping up, I would like to re-iterate that you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to a photographer/videographer, especially if your athlete is in the early stages of their journey. You can shoot your athletes polished and professional highlight video with just your phone and some good editing software. We have been discussing highlight videos all week over in College Bound Athletes. If you would like to continue the conversation, head on over and become a member of our sporting community. You can join here.

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