What is a Personal Statement?

What is a Personal Statement?

In short, a personal statement is the essay your athlete is required to complete in order to be considered a successful college applicant. This essay is different to the standardised tests and exams your athlete will need to complete. Those tests just give a rounded score on their level of academics.

A personal statement is an opportunity for admissions staff to get to see your athletes layers, so to speak. Their personality and the deeper inner side of their thought patterns. They want to see how your athlete can solve problems, be creative, and why they think they are a perfect fit for their schooling community. Today, I am going to explain further what a personal statement is, and how your athlete can start thinking about it now so when it comes time to choose their topic, they are all over it.

Begin the Thought Process Now

It’s never too early to begin preparing for a college application essay. The task can be quite daunting for your athlete. It’s asking them to be personal, and that’s not easy for most people, which is why it’s important to begin the thought process right now. Give them a chance to really think about what they would like to share. Your athlete can start thinking about significant events that have had a deep impact on their life, and begin recording new events and the affect it had on their deep inner self. Have they had a problem, issue, or tragedy that had a direct impact on them?

These are the tools your athlete can use to begin the thought process early. And seriously, this pandemic they are living through right now that has changed life as we know it, is going to make for a strong personal statement when they indicate the direct impact it has had, and how they arose from it smarter, faster, stronger, and better than ever. If you would like to discuss how you can best set your athlete up for success during this pandemic, jump on over to my calendar where you can book a FREE 30-minute consultation call at a time that suits you best. Just follow this link to book a call today https://brookehamiltonindustries.com/free-consultation-call/

Specialty Schools & Programs

The Personal Statement (Application Essay) required for entry, covers a few different topics that are generally the same each year. However, if your athlete decides to attend a specialty school or program, they may be required to sit more than one essay. More often, they are a little more complex and require deeper thinking. If your athlete wants to attend a specialised school, I recommend you look at topics from previous years at those schools, then have your athlete start the thought process on what their response would be to those topics. Again, they will generally be the same each year, but always keep a look out for changes.

Admissions Want More Information

Admissions staff use the personal statement to gain more information on your athletes’ inner being. It’s a way to have a deeper understanding of your athlete beyond just GPA’s, tests, and exam scores. They know your athlete is an amazing student or they wouldn’t be applying for college, and they know your athlete has out-of-this-world athletic ability. What they don’t know, and the information they are unable to gain from any of this, is whether your athlete will be a good fit into their schooling community. Will they fit snug into the environment & atmosphere? Would they be appropriately suited to the extra-curricular activities and campus life?

Giving admissions a personal statement is allowing them a glimpse at all of these questions. By showing them a very specific small piece of information that had a direct impact on your athlete, as a person, and how they grew from that, is the extra information admissions staff are looking for.

It’s Personal

As I mentioned above, it’s personal. Admissions want to know wether your athlete is going to be a good fit for college lifestyle and community. Your athlete will want to focus on writing about their good qualities. Set a task for them now, to begin making a list of all their good qualities. Are they focused, dedicated, kind, caring, inquisitive, creative, ambitious, or a great leader? There are hundreds of great qualities, so encourage your athlete to start that list. It will be a great motivator and will help them to feel positive and confident also. Your athlete will need to prove they are the ‘only’ candidate that is suited to that spot. They will need to provide a strong explanation to admissions, as to why they are going to be a good fit, and the only way to do that, is through these personal statements.

Essays Add Substance

An application essay adds substance to your athlete’s college application. It completes it, and without one, there would only be test scores to go off. A whole bunch of numbers won’t give an insight into your athlete’s problem-solving skills or their artistic abilities. It wont show admissions who they are. The application essay makes your athlete come to life. Admissions can see who they are, what they are capable of, and how they overcome specific obstacles. They want to know what sets your athlete apart from all the other applicants? What makes them an individual?

Practice Good Writing Skills

Completing a college application essay requires, to some extent, good writing skills. It’s usually between 600 and 1000 words, but still requires good writing skills. Admissions staff look at the college essay as an indication of your athlete’s level of writing skills. They want to know that your athlete can maintain the required standard of writing skills within the college environment.

There are many subjects that require your athlete to write consistently. They will need to prove within their application essay, that they have those skills. It’s my advice that you make sure your athlete is practicing good writing skills. Good punctuation, grammar, and spelling, no cliches or slang words, and no plagiarising. Practicing how to edit a college paper effectively is also a good idea. Once they acquire these skills, they will be able to efficiently and effectively write, edit, and submit a smashing statement.

Express Yourself

The college application essay gives your athlete a chance to dig deep and really express themselves as a person. Admissions want to know they can express an idea clearly and be very specific about it. Your athlete will want to think about a moment that had a direct impact on them, and express all the obstacles, feelings, emotions, and epiphanies that happened as a result of that event. Then they will want to go even deeper and write about what they learned from the experience, and how they grew from it.

Have your athlete begin creating a list of particular events in their life that have had a direct impact on their journey as a student-athlete. Were they having health issues? was there a family tragedy? or a did they endure a horrific injury that took time away from study and training? Any event that may have directly impacted their high school to college transition is a good place to start jotting down ideas.

What Topic Should I Choose?

The beauty of this is in the question itself. Your athlete can choose which topic they would like to write about from a list. Generally the questions don’t change much from year to year, therefore, it’s quite easy to prepare for. With ideas flowing, and your athlete writing about each new event they endure, such as the pandemic right now, they are in serious conditioning training to get the job done, like a boss. If your athlete begins now, writing essays in the future will be no hard task at all. Choosing a topic will be the hardest part.

The categories that come up generally across the board are, problem solving, career and future aspirations, personal history, and diversity. The most common question you will find is ‘Why did your athlete pick the college they picked? In other words, why is your athlete worthy of going to that school? What can they offer that will be a valuable addition to the college community? And don’t forget, if your athlete is studying at a specialist school, they will most likely need to complete extra essays. For a brief on those topics, you are best to look on the school’s website as they can change from time to time.


Admissions staff use the college application essays as a means to get a much deeper look into your athlete as a person. In saying that, it’s still an essay! There are still academic elements they will be looking at. They want to see your athletes ability to problem solve and express ideas, they need to see your athlete has the writing skills required of a college student. Admissions want your athlete to show how capable they are of writing a strong story that holds a reader, their ability to put across their own point-of-view, and how they interpret events. More than anything, admissions want to know your athlete is genuine and honest.

Encourage your athlete to think openly about themselves for their application essay. Let their true self shine. They can use their chosen topic to show admissions a different side to their usual brilliance in academics and sport.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up I would like you to think about what this pandemic has given us. It’s given us the gift of time. Time to prepare, research, and be ready to hit the ground running. Use it to your athlete’s advantage. Start the thought process now! Don’t leave it, this is the perfect time. Even without knowing the topic yet, your athlete can begin jotting down ideas, and recording significant events. When the submission date is getting closer, your athlete will be ready and raring to go. Specificity and honesty are the two main elements that will help your athlete conquer the college application essay.

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