Will The Pandemic Affect Your Athlete’s College Application?

Will The Pandemic Affect Your Athlete’s College Application?

The very short answer to this question is…..HECK NO! The truth is, the pandemic will only affect your athlete’s applications if they don’t take this opportunity to dig in and learn the complexities of the transition from high school to college. Right now, with everything going on in the world, is the perfect time to do the research and gain online exposure and open up communications.

It’s the perfect time to find where all the coaches, admissions staff, sporting directors and other like-minded athletes and students are hanging, and jump up and down in front of them. The entire world is online right now at this very moment. Therefore, the pandemic is not going to affect your athlete’s applications, but rather it will boost your athlete’s chances exponentially. Yes it will still require time, hard work, and lots of research, but what else is there to do while the world is in lockdown?

Our athlete’s may not be able to get the training sessions in that they are used to, and so long as they are still managing to get some creative form of fitness in, you can take this very precious and rare time you both have together, and begin the process of making your athletes transition as smooth as possible.

We can create the most positive outcomes and give them the competitive advantage. Your athlete can become the disruptor and have courage and confidence tenfold. When all this blows over, your athlete will still have a solid game plan and will be ten steps ahead of the rest of the pack. The time is NOW! There is no better time. Here are a few pointers on what steps you can be taking right now. It’s your athlete’s time to shine.

1- Start List Building

If your athlete has not yet started building a list of potential colleges, scholarships, grants, sports programs and so on, then this is the perfect time to sit down, write out all of your athlete’s likes, dislikes, interests, hopes and dreams, and begin building a list of those that resonate with your athlete. Start list building now while there is time to do the research.

2- Begin Gathering Required Documentation

Find what the general requirements are across the board if you don’t have a particular college or university chosen yet. Begin gathering as much required documentation as you can, and have it stored safe and ready to go. Think identification, academic transcripts, sporting achievements, letters of recommendation and references. There will be a lot of different documentation required for each college and scholarship. Having as much ready to go as possible will save you many hours of time in the future.

My team and I can help you with all forms of documentation as we know just how daunting it can be. If you need any help, you can book a free consultation call so we can go through what areas you are having difficulty with and offer you our opinion and expertise on how you can nail the documentation and continue to move forward. You can book a call on my calendar via this link https://brookehamiltonindustries.com/free-consultation-call/.

3- Create Templates To Use Over

Why not use this time to get creative and put together some personalised templates. Your athlete will be sending a lot of emails and letters. It really helps to have great thought out personalised communication that carries your athletes voice with it. Now is the perfect time to be creating templates that your athlete can use time and time again.

Have your athlete think about what they would like to say in their communications with many different educational professionals. We offer many great personalised templates for our athletes to use. If you would be interested in getting your hands on them, join me over in my private community of sporting parents and their elite athletes and I’ll email you a bunch. You find us via this link http://www.facebook.com/groups/PEAinternational.

4- Start Creating A Sports Portfolio

Creating a sports portfolio takes strategic planning. You need to know when to be creative and when to keep it professional. All your athlete’s sports and academic elements need to be included, and the layout must make sense. It can’t just be slapped together and think that coaches will even bother. It must be easy to read, make sense, and look professional, all while showcasing your athlete’s amazing abilities.

Given the complexities and different steps that are required for building a professional and visually pleasing sports portfolio, now is the best time to start gathering the bits and pieces and start having fun putting it together. I have some valuable advice on how to create the perfect sports portfolio within my blog page of this website. Here is one to get you started https://brookehamiltonindustries.com/2019/08/09/7-must-have-items-in-your-sports-portfolio/.

5- Create A Personal Sports Brand

A personal sports brand not only looks professional, it also plays a very big role in identification. The more your athlete pushes their brand out into the open, the more people will see it. When coaches and admissions staff receive your athletes paperwork, emails, and letters and they see that brand logo, they will know exactly who they are looking at before they even open the file.

So get cracking….create a logo, readable fonts (italics are hard to read), a favourite colour set to use, and even border types your athlete likes. Use these consistently throughout everything and your athlete will be easily identifiable in no time. And best of all, it’s a pretty cool thing for your athlete to see and it’s a ton of fun. Take this time to create a personal sports brand, then let your athlete flaunt it!

6- Build A Social Profile

There simply is no better time to build your athlete’s social profile and begin gaining exposure, then right now. The whole world is stuck at home and are online. There are safe ways to create an online space for your athlete. You can use many methods to place your athlete in front of the right audience. Building a strong social presence will place your athlete directly in front of coaches, teachers, professors, sports directors, admissions staff, assistant coaches and other sports staff.

The idea is to build a strong presence in front of the right people at the right time. Is about gaining exposure long before college. Your athlete has the time now to become known and wanted. It’s time for the coaches to see and hear your athlete. You may well find the coaches contacting your athlete before your athlete contacts them.

7- Build Those Support Systems

Take advantage of this time by starting to build those strong support systems and networks. Open communication with your athlete and make a list of those people they are comfortable talking to. Almost everyone is home and probably not too bothered to take a phone call in such isolated times. Make some calls, send emails or letters, and ask if those your contacting would like to be part of your athletes support network during their transition to college, and even beyond college. Let them know what that would entail and make sure they understand that your athlete will have their contact details.

And don’t forget to build a strong support network for YOU! We often forget as parents that we also need support on this very complex yet fulfilling journey. Please make sure you are looking after you. If you would like any help with building a strong support system for you and you athlete, please do reach out. We have so many tips, tools, and strategies that can help you build those networks. You can email my team or myself anytime at promotingelevatingathletes@gmail.com and we will get you started on the path to success.

8- Review Schedules and To-Do Lists

It’s very likely that things won’t go back to normal for quite some time. It’s time to look at, and review your athletes schedule. Show them no matter what the circumstances, you review and adjust accordingly. Routines will need to change for a while, and training and study methods will look much different at this present time. We don’t encourage them to have a holiday, we encourage them to review and adjust.

Make sure that when things go back to normal your athlete is still in the routine of following a strict schedule. This will be very impressive to a lot of the right people. So pull them out today, review, and adjust. Help your athlete to be the disruptor in their field. Preparation now, will boost your athlete’s application chances by 10 because they continued the hard work when they could have taken a much different, and less flattering approach.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the things you and your athlete can be doing right now to continue increasing the chances of a successful application. There is so much more that I could end up turning this into a really long blog and I don’t want to put you to sleep, in fact the complete opposite, I want you fired up and ready to conquer with your athlete.

The pandemic won’t affect your athlete’s applications. In fact, this is the perfect time to be increasing visibility, gaining exposure, and letting your athlete go forth and become the disruptor in their sport, education, and life. Now is the time to let your athlete go forth and shine. There is no better time than right now.

My team and I offer our extensive knowledge and expertise in all the above areas and so much more. Come on over and join our many wonderful conversations in our sporting community at http://www.facebook.com/groups/PEAinternational. Alternatively, you can book a free 30-minute consultation call for a friendly chat about what you need to get started on the path to success. You can book a call at a time that suits you by following this link https://brookehamiltonindustries.com/free-consultation-call/.

And one final handy resource I have for you today is my ‘Student-Athlete’s College-Bound Checklist’. This is a golden nugget that will help you and your athlete as you navigate through the college journey together. You can grab your copy here https://peainternational.clickfunnels.com/student-s-college-bound-checklisti3qhf7ul

I hope you all continue to stay safe, happy and healthy during this very strange and challenging time. Please remember to talk to someone if you are feeling a bit down and out. We are all in this together. Please reach out and let me know if there is anything we can help you with. Stay safe, stay strong, and I will catch you real soon. Yours in sport and education, Brooke Hamilton.


I give parents the tools and strategies required to help their elite athletes achieve their dream of a college sports scholarship. I teach everything from maintaining balanced sports, sleep, and school lifestyle, build visually pleasing sports portfolios, college and scholarship choices, creating exposure through social media, and the application process from start to finish. All this, and more. Your athlete's success is my #1 priority.

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