5 Steps to Being College Ready

5 Steps to Being College Ready

As parents, we often think about the steps we need to take to help our athletes take a very successful journey from high school to college. There are so many rules and regulations, applications, interviews, and appointments, that we kind of end up with tunnel vision. We do whatever we can to ensure every goal is hit and our athletes are set. Are they really set though? We also need to think about what college life itself will entail, and how we can best prepare our athletes for college life routine.

Life inside college gates can be much different to what students had first envisioned. Things are much different, rules and routine are different. The people are different, and college life can really kick you in the butt if you are not ready for it. Following are 5 steps you can take to help get your athlete prepare to be college-ready.

1 Narrow Your List To Two

Preparing your athlete for college life routine won’t begin happening until your athlete has narrowed their list of colleges to two or three. There is research that goes into this preparation and it’s not viable to do while your lists are still quite extensive. When your athlete’s list is narrowed down to two, you can begin doing your research on campus and college life routine.

2 Research

When your athlete has narrowed their list to two, begin researching campus life, timetables, events, study sessions, training and competitive sessions, religion, social life and entertainment, meal sessions, travel times, support systems, and anything else that could be a barrier for your athlete. Some things that appear to be barriers can very easily become barriers no more, with some good solid research and preparation.

3 Talk To Those Who Already Know

The best people to talk to and find the scoop on college life is to talk to those who already know the system. When your athlete is on official and unofficial visits, have them ask about the training sessions, competition, and travel. Talk to sporting directors and assistant coaches who can also share some insight. Talk to other student-athletes competing in your athletes chosen sport. Chat to students who are studying the same subjects your athlete plans to study. Guidance officers and student support services can help to give your athlete great insight into campus life, activities, events and so on. Talk to those who are living it already. Talk to those who already know.

4 Mimic College Life

When you have done all the research, sit with your athlete and go through their current schedules. Look at what is already similar to college life and look at what will change. Begin creating a mimic of college life into your athlete’s schedules. Of course, you can’t expect if your athlete plays a team sport, that the whole team will change their schedules, however, if you talk with your athlete’s coach they may have suggestions on how you can best mimic your athlete’s possible training schedules.

To best be prepared, your athlete will need to know what to expect as soon as they walk through those gates. When they are prepared, they won’t experience those overwhelming feelings that can creep in unexpectedly. Your athlete will know what to do, and they can walk in like a boss and get on with what they do best. Mimic college life and your athlete will be locked and loaded, ready to go.

5 Prepare Now and Own The Journey

Preparing now is going to help your athlete by instilling courage and confidence. In turn, allowing them to totally own the college journey. Your athlete will adjust much sooner with impeccable preparation. The least distractions they have from the moment they walk through those gates, the better. The least amount of disruptions to their regular routines the better. If you can mimic the college routine before they begin, they won’t need to make too many changes which can only prove beneficial in the long run. Prepare now, and let your athlete own that college journey they have dreamed of for so long.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up, as stated above, it is so important to research and prepare. Prepare your athlete for every aspect of college now. By using these strategies, your athlete will also be able to identify if there is anything about the college that they don’t like before it’s too late to choose another. Help your athlete to research college life routine, mimic it on their schedules as best you can. You will be giving your athlete that final decision point before they sign the dotted line, and they will feel 100% confident and positive that they have made the best choice for them.

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