How To Ensure Your Athlete Will Meet Recruiting Rules And Regulations

How To Ensure Your Athlete Will Meet Recruiting Rules And Regulations

There are numerous different rules and regulations for different colleges, scholarships, and sporting organisations. However, there are also many similar right across the board. You will need to research each and every college. Every scholarship on your lists, and the sporting organisation your athlete is registered with. Thorough research, and checking each rule and regulation twice! This is the only way to ensure all will be met in the required timeframe. This blog will give you some insight on how to ensure your athlete will meet recruiting rules and regulations.

Your Athlete Must Be An Amateur!

It’s probably common knowledge that your athlete must be an amateur. However, it’s important that you know exactly what constitutes a professional athlete. Your athlete cannot sign to play professional sport while they are playing college sport. So it’s not just that they can’t play professional sport, they can’t sign to play until they are finished college. Your athlete can’t even accept a promise of pay while playing intercollegiate sport. Athletes are unable to ‘play without pay’ in a professional sports team during their time in college sport. An amateur must not employ an agent, or be in a professional draft.

If your athlete is a professional in one sport, and an amateur in a different sport, they will still be eligible for financial assistance in the second sport. Before college enrolment, your athlete can compete with a professional team, provided they don’t receive payment more than the expenses to compete. There are so many ways to do things. If you do the research, you will quickly learn the rules. Read them until they are etched into the brain.

Know What The Meaning Of ‘Pay’ is!

When you are searching for scholarships and colleges, read the points on what the meaning of ‘pay’ is. Research what’s considered a prohibited form of pay and what’s not, such as salary, gratuity, and compensation. These are the three main forms considered ‘pay’. Research what type of financial aid is permitted while attending that college, and while you are studying under a scholarship. It is possible to achieve a full free ride through college, but you must follow the rules. If you are not complying with the rules and regulations, your athlete could face academic punishment. This will be detrimental to their future, and worse, detrimental to their mental health. You must ensure that you are double checking every rule for every college and scholarship. While it may seem a tedious job to think about, you will soon learn most of the basics. It will become much easier.

Fundraising, Compensation, and Prize Money

It is important that your athlete understands the rules and regulations surrounding fundraising, compensation, and prize money. In most cases, all are permitted as long as you follow the rules. You need to read all of the fine print of each and every college and scholarship application. This will ensure your athlete is staying within guidelines. There are many fundraisers, competitions, and sponsorship that is allowed within certain time periods, and for uses such as travel to and from events, and in preparation for those events.

Don’t give up if you find something that is not within the rules. There are thousands of ways to use fundraising and competition to help your athlete on their journey. When you find one that is not accepted, just move on to the next. As I keep saying, research is the key here. If you are dedicated and you work hard, your athlete will reap the rewards. Just start now, so you are prepared well before it’s time to apply for college.

Equipment and Apparel

There are rules and regulations for everything, which is why it’s so important to read every one of them twice. While one may not be able to enter into an arrangement with apparel and equipment companies, it is permissible for your athlete to accept equipment and apparel that is related directly to their sport. There are just some rules you need to follow. Having equipment and apparel items for personal use can save a ton of money. Read those rules and be prepared. When your athlete is approached, you will know what they can or cannot accept. That way, you won’t risk breaking the rules.

Drafts and Supplemental Drafts

This can be confusing for some athletes and parents. Simply asking to have your athletes name on a draft list or supplemental draft list, means they are automatically ineligible to compete in intercollegiate sport. Even if your athlete asks for their name to be withdrawn, or they don’t make the draft, they are still ineligible to play college sport. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you know the rules and regulations surrounding draft and supplemental draft lists. You don’t want to make the mistake of accidentally putting your athletes name on the list without first knowing the repercussions. There are certain sports, such as men’s basketball, that do allow your athletes name to be on a list without any repercussions. Do the research for your athletes sport in particular so you know the exact guidelines you need to be following.

Use of an Agent

While it’s common knowledge that an athlete cannot use an agent for representation or marketing purposes, there are exceptions within the guidelines. For example baseball and men’s basketball have allowances that come with rules around both sports. Your athlete may also have the option of using an NCAA or AIS appointed agent depending on their sport. Your athlete needs to wait until they are finished college, before they can begin entering into written or oral agreements with a sports agent to play professional sport. They cannot sign to play while they are still in college. Doing so will have dire consequences.

Your athlete can’t have a sports agent representing them for marketing purposes, but they can have their parents acting as advocates and they can market themselves. This is why PEAinterntational is the perfect option for you and your athlete. We are not sports agents. We’re the parents advocate. We educate you and give you all the tips, tools and strategies required to help your elite athlete achieve college success, on scholarships, and without any penalty.

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Employment, Promotional Activities, and Donations

There are rules and regulations regarding employment, promotional activities, and donations. Some are very fine lines so you must ensure that you keep updated with them at all times. Your athlete can work while they are in college, and in many different positions, including teaching and coaching sport skills, provided they are abiding by the rules set out in their college or scholarship rules and regulations.

A student-athletes name, picture, and appearance may be used for promotional or educational activities given they are following the bylaws laid out within that section. There are also competitions your athlete can participate in that awards prizes, so long as the competition was a public one drawn at random where all involved could play. Then there are competitions your athlete is prohibited from taking part in such as name-the-player contests that commercial businesses run for promotional purposes.

I am sure you are beginning to see why it’s so important that you do this research. It is so easy to think you are doing the right thing, but if it turns out you’re not, it is your athlete who will take punishment. You can join my Facebook community where I give you all the tips on how to ensure your athlete will continue to meet all the rules and regulations throughout their entire college journey. We have a fantastic community of sporting parents and their elite athletes all sharing their stories. Come share yours too at

The R&R List Goes On

These few things I have just mentioned, are only the tip of the iceberg. The R&R list goes on. There are rules and regulations you need to know regarding paperwork such as, the Student-Athlete Statement and Drug Testing Consent Form. You will find rules concerning student-athlete health care, the 5-year rule, hardship waivers when your athlete spends a season ill or injured, and eligibility of certification.

You will find there are different rules and regulations for different levels, different colleges, and different scholarships. It’s necessary that you know all the rules around phone calls, recruiting materials, off-campus contact, official and unofficial visits. There are different time frames for different sports, and at risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s important that you do all of the research.

I would also recommend that you begin creating a list of questions your athlete will ask coaches and recruiters. All recruiters have different recruiting methods, so knowing the timeframes, methods, and what questions to ask, are all things you can begin taking action on and researching, now while your athlete is still in their junior years. Find out who your athlete will need to be registered with, most you can register online. From there you can begin researching all of their rules and regulations. Once your athlete is registered with the appropriate organisation, their amateurism status can be determined, and they will be deemed academically prepared for college.

On a Final Note

On a final note, it is important to remember that even though your athlete will be playing college sport, they still need to have and maintain a high academic standing. Take measures now that will help your athlete achieve the academic score required to enter college. While they are working hard to maintain their academic and sporting abilities, you as the parent need to begin the extensive research of the rules and regulations. When your athlete is registered, you will be able to find all the information you need regarding rules and regulations. The NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA, AIS and so on, all have valuable resources on their websites. They can help you and your athlete in ensuring your athlete is meeting all requirements.

If you would like my help in finding all the information you need, on how to ensure your athlete is meeting rules and regulations, you can visit my website at Alternatively, come on over and join our sporting family at ‘College Bound Athletes’. I host twice weekly live shows with bonuses up for grabs. We have all the tips, tools, and resources required to help your athlete gain entry into the college of their choice, on a sports scholarship. Your athletes success, is my number one priority. Together, we will help them achieve their ultimate dream. You can visit me at See you there. Yours in sport, Brooke Hamilton.


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