What Support Systems Are In Place For My Athlete In College?

What Support Systems Are In Place For My Athlete In College?

Students who attend college as a student-athlete have access to some of the best support systems in the world. An athlete is an asset to the college they are attending, therefore all measures are taken to ensure athletes have access to strong support systems. However, it’s easy enough for me to tell you how amazing support systems are in college, but for a parent, it’s simply not enough. You want to know what support systems are in place for your athlete in college, and how to ensure they have full access to them.

There is no reason to feel that lump in your throat and the fear creeping in as you begin to wrap your child in cotton wool. I assure you, your athlete is absolutely going to be okay. This blog will cover what support systems are in place for your athlete in college, and the extra support systems you can create outside college also. You will sleep well at night with the thought your athlete is going to be just fine. Read on for an insight into the strong support systems your athlete will have access to at college.

Grab A College Mentor

Your student athlete is going to need strong systems in and out of college. While the majority of colleges provide an excellent support system, why wait until your athlete is already in college. Start building them now. I suggest first, to encourage your athlete to find a college mentor. Someone who is already at college. Another student undertaking similar sporting and academic programs that your athlete will be. If you encourage your athlete to find a ‘buddy’, they won’t need to feel that panic and overwhelm creep in when they are finally walking through those college gates. They will feel comfortable knowing they have a buddy already inside ready to help show them around, find classes, resources, and so on. Help your athlete grab a college mentor.

You can approach the student hub of most colleges and universities, and they can tell you a good place to start. In some cases, an establishment will already have some sort of ‘buddy’ system, so its a great idea to start with the student services.

Find Support From Faculty

There will be support systems available for your athlete when they go to college. You can start building on those systems now if you already know where your athlete plans on going to college. Find teachers, professors, psychologists, coaches, doctors, admission staff, guidance officers and so on. They’re all there, and most of the time are very approachable.

Talk to people, do the research, and find those people that are going to have a good idea what your athlete may experience in their first few years of study. A simple conversation and a question such as “Would you mind if my athlete adds you to their college support system?”, can create, and form bonds that will last a lifetime, not just the first few years of study.

The more people your athlete adds to their system, the stronger it gets. Show your athlete how to approach and ask faculty themselves. When your athlete finds support from faculty, before college begins, they are going to have a much better experience. Much better than if they are walking with their head in the clouds, overwhelmed, panicked, and worse, lonely and full of fear. There are super strong support systems within the faculty departments of every educational institution. Your athlete should find them now and be prepared long before their college dream begins.

Benefits of Support Systems

There are so many different benefits to having a support system. At any time in life, we all need a good support system. When you help your athlete to build a strong support system, you are giving them an opportunity to form bonds that could last a lifetime. Your athlete will have access to people who can take them under their wing. Someone who can tell them what to expect on entry to college. They will have someone to show them around, and help to find certain buildings, departments, and faculties.

Your athlete will have a ‘buddy’ that has experience already in your athletes field of study. A strong support system can help motivate your athlete to aim high and reach for their goals. They will have someone in their corner cheering them on. Someone who can give guidance and advice, both personally and academically. The benefits of a support system are endless. It makes no sense not to build a strong support system.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up what support systems will be in place for your athlete at college, I ask you to please think about this. There is a super strong support system out there for your athlete. They will guide, support, and help them through any given scenario that presents itself, good and bad. This is so important. Without a support system, your athlete can be at risk of loneliness, fear, sorrow, and worse, mental health issues. Please start building those systems now before those college gates are even a thought. Give your athlete the gift of a strong support system. I promise it is the best investment you could ever make for your student-athlete, and it’s FREE. You just need to research and help your athlete find them. The sooner, the better.

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