Will Your Athlete Be Okay At College?

Will Your Athlete Be Okay At College?

Sending your baby off to college is never an easy thing for any parent. The years leading up to walking through those college gates have finally paid off. However, in those years, as parents, we forget to prepare ourselves for the wall of emotions when it’s time to say goodbye. We forget to prepare with the big questions early. As parents, you’re so busy with not only ensuring your athlete is hitting all deadlines, but you are likely running a household and keeping down a job also. Taking a moment to think how you’re feeling about your athlete going to college, is a moment we forget to take. You must ask yourself if your athlete will be okay at college.

It’s important to be prepared. Are you prepared for what college life may throw at your athlete? Have you been asking yourself the big questions now? Are there systems in place so you, as the parent, won’t spend your days stressed, worried, and anxious. Will your athlete be okay at college? Will you be okay at home without them?

Take Care Of You Too

The college process is a busy one. Student athletes require time, support, care, and attention. It can be exhausting and rewarding at the same time. To watch your athlete grow and become such a work horse, is exhilarating for a parent. It’s important however, that throughout the process, you are also preparing yourself for college. That’s right, as a parent, you must also be prepared for college. More often than not, this is overlooked. You must not neglect your own mental and physical health.

It’s tough watching your baby grow into a young adult, ready to tackle the world head on. If you don’t take care of you, it will slowly consume you when your athlete does leave. Exercise with your athlete, drink water when you are encouraging them to, eat the healthy meals your athlete is eating, and do those deep breathing and meditative exercises. Keeping healthy with your athlete will not only benefit you in spades, it will also benefit your athlete. They won’t find it hard to stick to a plan, when you’re sticking to it with them. Please, take care of you too.

Prepare Yourself With The Big Questions Now.

Take time to sit down of an evening with paper and pen, and write down any questions you might have about your athlete going to college. Be completely honest. When you have done this, leave it beside your bed and add new questions that arise. Make it your own little personal mission to find the answers to each question, and write the answer next to the question when you have it. Continuing to do this will help you as a parent to walk through the flurry of emotions likely to creep in when your athlete flies from the coop. Things to consider can include:

  • How will you be feeling about your athlete going to college becoming a reality?
  • What support systems will you have in place? Both in and out of college?
  • How do you feel about extra-curricular activities at college?
  • What phone numbers do you want your athlete to have?
  • Do you have medical emergency plans in place?
  • Have you made sure your athlete is capable of making a meal if need be?
  • Is your athlete is scrubbed up on personal hygiene?
  • Are you confident your athlete will keep up with study and training loads?
  • Are you prepared for a teary midnight phone call from your athlete? (Big one)
  • Are you 100% ready to not see your athlete for months at a time? (Another big one)

Happy You, Happy Athlete

As much as we would love our athletes to be happy, successful individuals, it all starts with you. You must show them how to be happy and successful. It doesn’t matter what age they are, our children are always learning from those they surround themselves with. Show them how to have that strong work ethic. Let them see that surrounding yourself with the right people can make huge impact on a persons life. Teach them to have fun and be happy also. Make sure you are scheduling in the fun. Please allow your athlete time on their schedule every week, to have fun. Give them something to look forward to after a busy week. Reward them for all of the hard work they put in every day, all week.

Instilling these qualities will help your athlete attract the right people throughout college. It will teach them to work hard, be successful, and most of all, be happy. They will naturally follow their dreams when they have the right mind-frame, surround themselves with like-minded successful people, and reward themselves for hard work. As a parent, you will feel more than confident that your athlete will absolutely crush it in college, and in life. Remember though, if you are not happy, chances are your athlete won’t be either. If they feel your stress, pain, overwhelm or fear, those feeling will transfer to your athlete without you realising it.

You are already an amazing parent who has raised an amazing athlete. Keep the momentum going now. You will get through this unscathed, and still financially secure if you use my tips and strategies. They are effective. Enjoy watching your athlete grow, and remember, happy you, happy athlete!

Wrapping Up

We can often overlook our own health and happiness to ensure our athletes success. However, this is the first major mistake you can make in the college process. There is no point encouraging your athlete to keep healthy, be successful, and be happy, if you are not leading by example. It can be very tough being a college parent. The important thing is that you have support in place for yourself also. Have someone to talk to when things are overwhelming. Find other college parents to communicate with. Parents have to stick together, as corny as that sounds. It is so important that you not only set up support for your athlete, but also for yourself.

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