How To Help Your Athlete Create A Training Schedule.

How To Help Your Athlete Create A Training Schedule.

It is fast becoming no secret that I’m a fond believer of creating to-do lists and schedules. It’s these elements that help our athletes keep focused, and stay on track. Schedules and to-do lists also give our athletes a visual reminder of the important milestones being accomplished along the way. Our student-athletes need a regular reminder of how fantastic they are doing. A visual reminder of how well they are going, the milestones they are reaching, and the steps they have already achieved is an important part of growing as a student-athlete. More important, a visual reminder is a magical tool when things become overwhelming, stressful, or daunting. It can remind your athlete of how far they have already come, and the milestones achieved that seemed impossible at the time. With all this said, today I want to focus on how-to help you athlete create a training schedule.

Include Everything Sports Related

Something to think about when you are helping your athlete create a training schedule, is everything! That’s right, it may seem like I’m having a go, but you really need to include everything sports related. Whatever you can think of that will require time from your athlete, put it in the schedule. Your athlete can not afford to have any unscheduled interruptions. The less you need to take them away from their schedule, the better. Therefore, if there is anything that requires your athletes time, pencil it in. So what do I mean by, include everything sports related? Let’s visit a few ideas I have.


Starting with the most obvious first, it’s the most important part of growth as an athlete. They will not succeed in their chosen sport if they don’t train. It’s highly unlikely that your athlete can go a whole off-season without training, then be expected to maintain maximum performance at the first big game. Your athlete will likely spend the majority of their time training, when they’re not studying. It only makes sense that the first place you will start on the training schedule, is in the title, training. Put all training session your athlete will attend every day, into the daily schedule, with a time frame. I recommend asking for your athletes private coach’s help so you are not leaving anything out.


Competition plays a very big role in your athletes schedule. This aspect however, will require a little more digging. You will have to get a copy of your athletes club, region, state, and national level calendar of events. Any competitions your athlete plans to attend must go into their schedule. Again, talk with their coach to check what events they would like your athlete to take part in throughout the year. The coach wants to see your athlete succeed just as much as you do. They will be more than willing to help accomodate as little interruptions as possible. It is a very important part of the college recruiting process that you have all lines of communication open with the coach. A big part of scheduling success is ensuring you have all competition dates penciled in NOW.


Every athlete, regardless of their sport, needs recovery time. Recovery from higher intensity training sessions, big competitions, illnesses, injury and so on. It is so important that you are including recovery time into your athletes schedules. Work with the coach to figure out what sessions and competitions will require longer recovery times. Just as importantly, please make sure your athlete is having enough recovery after every session. They will still need adequate sleep every night to ensure their bodies are rejuvenating throughout 7-9 hours sleep. Anything less than this for an elite athlete, who is also studying, is a sure fire quick way to burnout and fatigue.

One way to ensure your athlete can take adequate recovery time for injuries and illnesses, is by having time-blocks throughout their schedule that are kept specifically for anything that arises unscheduled. For example, if your athlete suffers an injury, they can move everything due that day or week, to the available spare blocks. Generally, teachers will be okay with the shift when they know the circumstances. It’s very important that your athlete continues to study through injuries. Also important, will be your athlete continuing to be a big part of their team and club. Even if it’s just as a mascot, they should still participate and keep it known that they are sticking around. Given you will have an awesome schedule in place, your athlete will still be able to spend time at training and competition, without taking time out from study.


Travel is going to be a time killer for your athlete, however, if you include it into the training schedule, it can be tolerable. Depending on where competition will take place, would decipher the mode of transport that will be used. Knowing this, you can work out how long would be needed to travel. Travel for training may also be required. It’s absolutely essential that you include travel for training. When added together, the hours can add up. The only way to ensure that your schedule will work, is to include all required travel time. Remember, your athlete can always study for those assessments while they are travelling. If your athlete is travelling out of state for competition, utilise time in the evenings for some study, even if it’s just light reading. It’s important to keep the focus and momentum going now. When your athlete is ready to attend college, there will be no nasty surprises as they will already be conditioned to sticking to a very strict schedule.

Don’t Forget The Fun

It can be a very stressful, time consuming, unsociable thing to be an elite athlete. Our athletes spend so much time training, competing, studying, and travelling, that we sometimes forget how young they are. They seem so wise beyond their years with such strong work ethics, determination, and grit, that we sometimes forget to schedule in the fun. Please don’t forget to schedule in the fun. Schedule shopping trips, movie outings, hangouts with school friends and so on. Whatever there is that makes your athlete happy outside of school and sport, be sure to schedule in some time for it. A big part of not burning out is making sure there is still time to relax the body and mind. When the fun is scheduled in, your athlete won’t feel like they are always battling to just find some rewind time, and they will always have something to look forward to.

Wrapping Up

The important thing to remember, is that the only way your athlete will successfully achieve that free ride through college, and keep it, is by sticking to those schedules and to-do lists. I wanted to focus this blog on how-to help your athlete create a training schedule, and I hope you have been able to take something away that will help your athlete achieve the college dream. I have created a study/sports schedule template that you can edit to suit your athlete, as a good starting point. You can grab a free copy here

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