When Do I Upload My Academic Transcripts?

When Do I Upload My Academic Transcripts?

College can be a wonderful experience for any family. You and your family do not need to fear, stress, or have panic attacks. The process can be easy, and not knowing where the next mortgage payment will come from, shouldn’t be an issue. While the process is a long one, and takes time, dedication, and hard work, if you prepare early, and keep organised, it can be a smooth and joyful transition. Today, I will discuss when you should upload your academic transcripts, who uploads them, and where you upload them.

What Are Academic Transcripts?

Academic transcripts are documents that prove your athlete has completed the required semesters in high school, to apply for college/university. A validation of your athletes education. Typically, colleges require all academic transcripts from ninth grade, or four semesters. If your athlete attends more than one educational institute within those four semesters, you will need to provide transcripts from each establishment.

When To Upload Those Transcripts

Now you know what academic transcripts are, when do you send those transcripts? When your athlete knows what colleges they will be applying at, and they are registered with the appropriate organisation, those transcripts should be sent immediately upon availability. Your athlete should be validated as soon as possible. The organisation your athlete is registered with, will want to see those transcripts upon finishing the four semesters. They will also want to see final academic transcripts that come after graduation. Organisations require proof of graduation, and thats what the final academic transcript is. A final validation that your athlete is good to go.

Who Uploads The Academic Transcripts?

You should be clear now on what academic transcripts are, and when you should be uploading them. So who uploads the academic transcripts? It’s typically your athletes school guidance counsellor who uploads the academic transcripts on their behalf. High schools have a free tool they use to upload transcripts safely and quickly. It’s quicker than sending via registered post or using a transcript uploading service. I suggest your athlete reminds the councillor to send each transcript as they become available.

Always keep an eye out for deadlines, and dates to expect a release of transcripts. You must stay on top of this. Failing to do so, can slow the application process, or worse, your athlete will miss deadlines and could be refused. While your athletes school councillor sends them off, it is your athletes responsibility to make sure it is done on time. If in the instance that your athlete attends an institute that doesn’t award transcripts, they will need to have all year reports from the approved institute uploaded. The course however, will still have to be an approved course according to their organisations recruiting rules.

Where Do My Transcripts Get Uploaded?

Now you know the what, when, and who, where do your athletes academic transcripts get uploaded? When your athlete has been registered with the appropriate organisation, they will be registered to a membership portal. It’s here that all required documentation will be stored.throughout the duration of college. When your athletes school councillor uploads anything on their behalf, it will go to the membership portal.

Wrapping Up

I hope this blog has given you some clarity on academic transcripts, and when they should be uploaded. It is so important that you keep up-to-date, be prepared early, and stay organised. Missing any deadline is not a good first impression, and time management is a huge asset to coaches. If you would like help in keeping up-to-date, preparing early, and being organised, subscribe to PEAinternational so you never miss a value-rich resource again. You can subscribe by following this link https://mailchi.mp/d2e37d7ced4e/joinpromotingelevatingathletes.

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