Do I Need A Resume With My Sports Scholarship Application?

Do I Need A Resume With My Sports Scholarship Application?

Applying for a sports scholarship, with a college application or an independent company, requires certain documentation. There are many forms, references, and letters to consider. It can become quite overwhelming, especially when your athlete is applying for numerous scholarships. However, with some good organisation and templating, it doesn’t have to be daunting at all. How do you know what documentation to include though? Some instructions can be quite vague, which results in the applicant feeling confused. From confusion, fear will grow. Fear of failure to follow instructions, and fear of judgement by the company awarding the scholarship. Today I want to answer that burning question, do I need a resume with my sports scholarship applications?

For many years now, workers have used a resume to highlight their previous experience and employment. They are quite a simple form. HR staff look at an applicants resume, and decide if they would be a good fit for the company. The company will then ask the applicant in for an interview, and from there, decide whether to hire them, put them through training, on a trial, and so on. If an application is a bit long-winded, they are more likely to stay at the bottom of the pile. Staff are just too busy to be reading through 20 pages of a life story. Given that an athletes sporting history can be quite long, do you include a resume in their application?

Coaches, Scouts, Teachers, and Company Staff are Busy

Life today is fast! Everyone have their jobs to do, and some have more than their fair share. Days are long, the nights are longer, and life is busy. Meal times are scattered, mac books are always open. People are tired. At the end of the day, no one wants to be reading 20 pages of anything. The brain doesn’t want to think at 10 PM, it wants to relax, rewind, and re-set.

Coaches, scouts, teachers, and company staff are busy. A coach has a million jobs to do every single day. They have to ensure their athletes are performing well both on and off the field. They need to keep an eye on their athletes health and well-being, and most importantly, their mental health. On top of this already demanding job, they need to find new recruits. The last thing they want to be doing, is reading through hundreds of 20 page resumes at the end of each day. So should you include a resume with your athletes sports scholarship applications?

Create a Resume to File Away

Your athlete does not need to include a resume, unless the application specifically asks them to. There are two reasons why I say this. First, your athlete will be providing a sports portfolio, which really is a very creative and much more effective version of the resume. Second, within most application forms you are asked to provide most of the details that would be included in a resume anyway.

My suggestion would be, create a resume that’s not lengthy and basically bullet points your athletes sporting career. Leave details blank that you would personalise to fit each application, then save it to a file in your computer. This way, whenever your athlete is required to upload a resume, they can do it quickly and easily. When you create a resume and file it away, your organised. Your athlete can complete an application without you, because the documents they need are filed and ready to go.

Everything is in the Sports Portfolio

The word ‘resume’ even sounds boring. Coaches and recruiters don’t want boring. They want personality, drive, and passion. Coaches want dedication, hard-work, and team players. They want a lot of things, but they don’t want boring! Everything is in the sports portfolio. Sports portfolio (or as I like to call it ‘sportfolio’) even sounds more exciting, don’t you think? In all seriousness, everything is in your athletes sports portfolio. They have a bio, photos and videos, sporting and academic achievements, and work history. It also includes your athletes likes and dislikes, interests, goals and so on. The sports portfolio has everything a coach needs to know. The best part, it can also be filed away ready to upload, or use a shareable link as soon as it is requested. Again, your athlete can do this without you. Organisation is key!

Organisation is Key

While you don’t need to use a resume for every college and sports scholarship application, it pays to be organised. Organisation is key! Having these documents filed and ready to go on request, will help your athlete make it part of their daily routine without a second thought, to send out those important applications. If done properly, it just becomes like second nature to pull those files, attach it to the applications, and hit send. There will be no fear, stress or overwhelm. There certainly won’t be any confusion. Please take more time perfecting your athletes sports portfolio, and just keep the resume simple. Save time that you can be using productively somewhere else. Make this process as easy as possible. Organisation is key.

I hope this has given you some insight if you should include a resume with your sports scholarship application or not. In most instances, your athlete won’t need to. It is always a good idea to have one filed away just in case. If you would like some help in creating a resume, sports portfolio, or just getting organised, you can subscribe to PEAinternational where you will have all the tools, tips, and resources you will need to achieve success. You can subscribe today by following this link

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Now you are ready to create those templates to file away. Organisation is key. You don’t have to include a resume with your sports scholarship application, unless it is specifically requested. Take care and talk soon. Yours in sport, Brooke Hamilton.


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