The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Recruiting Guidelines

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Recruiting Guidelines

While there are thousands of different sports organisations across the globe, each comes with a different set of rules and obligations. Not following those rules and obligations, could result in your athlete losing their scholarships. They also run a very big risk at being asked to leave college permanently. Coaches and teaching staff are too busy to have to deal with rule breakers. It’s impossible for me to write about every different organisation, although I would love to. Today I will focus on the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) recruiting guidelines.

The Australian Institute of Sport has partnered with universities, and other tertiary education providers, to develop the Elite Athlete Education Network (EAEN). This network is in place to ensure your athletes college experience is a positive one. Your athlete needs to be identified and recognised as a level 1-5 categorisation for an AIS funded sport. This means your athlete will need to be competing at a national or international level.

Your Athlete is in Good Hands With the AIS

Having the opportunity to study under the guidance of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), is an achievement most elite Aussie athletes aim for. This is with good reason. Their Elite Athlete Education Network gives athletes the extra lee-way they need to juggle both sport and school. Your athlete is in good hands with the AIS.

Being a part of this network gives your athlete the ability to negotiate deadlines, sit exams externally under exam conditions, and have the minimum lecture attendance waived. They can also tailor their academic load to suit sporting commitments, negotiate timetables, extend course duration, and have several leaves of absence.

Your athlete also has the flexibility to undertake cross-institutional study when they are required to travel interstate, and even overseas, for a long period of time. This is all to accomodate an athletes sporting commitments. Why wouldn’t you want your athlete under their guidance? Your athlete is in good hands with the AIS.

Is Your Athlete Elite?

As mentioned above, your athlete will need to be identified and recognised as a national or international competitor. Is your athlete elite? Your athlete needs to be identified as categorised by their National Sporting Organisation (NSO) or be on a scholarship with the National Institute Network across Australian states (AIS 2019). They must be identified and recognised, or be a part of one of the following organisations

  • The Australian Institute of Sport
  • State Institute or Academies of Sport
  • AFL Players Association
  • Australian Cricketers Association
  • Rugby Union Players Association
  • Rugby League Professionals Association
  • Australian Professional Footballers Association
  • Australian Basketball Association
  • National squad members for Sport Australia funded sports

Not Registered and Identified as Elite?

If your athlete is not part of one of these organisations, that’s not the end of the road. You can still approach the University your athlete wants to attend and ask to be considered. They will then contact the AIS, who can do an independent review, and qualify them. There are many universities within the network. It does pay however, to double check your athletes chosen list of colleges are part of the EAEN.

When you have ascertained that your athletes chosen university is within the AIS network, you can begin applying for those courses when ready. The university will qualify you with the AIS as a competent academic, and from there, your athlete is on their way.

Cant Get Enough? Want More?

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