How To Apply For A Sports Scholarship

How To Apply For A Sports Scholarship

Applying for a sports scholarship can be a daunting task for anyone. If you don’t have the time and know-how, or parents and siblings who have already been through the process, it can become overwhelming. Without adequate support, many questions arise and it can fast become chaos if you don’t have a solid plan set in place. This blog is my quick guide for your reference on how to apply for a sports scholarship. These are my ideas on how you can help your elite athlete get ready to nail those sports scholarships now.

Create A To-Do List For Your Athlete

There are a lot of steps involved when applying for a sports scholarship, whether at college, or through an independent company. Helping your athlete create a to-do list, will help them visually simplify the process, and keep track of deadlines. It’s a good idea to begin creating a to-do list when your athlete is transitioning between junior and senior high school. It can take time, and to achieve the best results, it’s best to start early.

Each different sports scholarship your athlete applies for, will come with its own set of requirements, and obligations. Some will require your athlete to do an exam, or an essay. Some will want your athlete to submit letters of recommendation and references. some, will ask for both. It is a much simpler task and easier to keep track of, when your athlete has a to-do list. They can visually see each time they hit a milestone, and this helps phenomenally in keeping them focused and eager to move forward.

Do a Full Activities Assessment

Sit down with your athlete, and try to identify several activities your athlete would like to share in their applications. Take into consideration what amount and variety of activities you would like to include, and choose only the ones your athlete is most involved with, and feels most passionate about. To reiterate, you want your athlete to include several activities, a good variety, and activities your athlete is heavily involved with. All these things will help give scholarship assessors a good idea as to who your athlete is, besides a kick butt athlete and student!

Find Leadership Roles That Resonate With Your Athlete

Find leadership roles that resonate with your athlete. Ask what makes them happy, what gets them excited? Ask them what they would like to study in coming years, and what their thoughts are on a potential career. After compiling a good list, you can help your athlete find activities that will give them an opportunity to explore those different areas, while building their sports portfolio. Find leadership roles for your athlete to partake in. Any roles surrounding the areas your athlete shows interest in, will help them decide early, if thats really where they would like their path to go. When your athlete decides they have found the area they are most passionate about, they will lead like no other. All teachers, coaches, assessors, and admissions staff, love a student with strong leadership skills.

Be That Ideal Applicant

Begin creating a list of scholarships your athlete has a good chance at gaining, based on background, interests, and experience. Start working through the list, and try to determine why an organisation is offering a scholarship, and who they want their ideal applicant to be. Be that ideal applicant! Look at what the company’s mission is. Base your athletes application around that mission. For example, if a company prides themselves on sports medicine research, include in the application how sports medicine research has impacted your athletes life. Tell them why they feel so passionate about sports medicine research. Remember to also include any work experience or volunteer work they have done.

Read Full Requirements Carefully

It is very important that you are reading the full requirements of each scholarship your athlete wants to apply for. Read them twice, and even three times until you are 110% satisfied that your athlete has met all of them. Small mistakes, even the smallest of things, can rule them out of a scholarship, and worse, out of college. Admissions staff and scholarship assessors are looking at hundreds of applications a day sometimes. They don’t have time to work out why someone has given them their credit card details, as opposed to their student visa details. Please double check your athletes application with them. Go through it together until you are happy that your application will satisfy requirements and obligations.

Your Athletes Education, Your Athletes Application.

You may be thinking I am mad, but I assure you I am not. There are parents out there that just meddle and interfere. They can make their athletes application process a rather bumpy ride. It is your athletes education, your athletes application. Let them be the driver! Be supportive and helpful, but don’t meddle and interfere. Those companies your athlete is applying for sports scholarship with, can find it very difficult to get to know the student when all the communication is coming from mum or dad. Let your athlete experience the process as an adult, and a leader. It will help them in the future when you are not there every time they need to fill in paperwork, make phone calls, and complete applications. This is the beginning of their young lives. Let them lead and go into it with positivity because they have you behind them supporting them all the way. Show them how to apply for a sports scholarship, but let them do the work

Final Notes

Final notes to think about before you submit those amazing applications. Always ensure that you have filled in every section of the application. Nine times out of ten, your athlete won’t be required to submit a resume, when the application has been completed properly. Tell your athlete to create essays that are original. Something that gives assessors the raw on who your athlete is. Always ensure that your athlete proof-reads and edits their applications many times before submitting. They generally only get one chance at each application, so make it shine. Apply early, and apply often. Do not leave things to the last minute, ever!

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