Who The Heck Am I, And What’s My Story Anyway

Who The Heck Am I, And What’s My Story Anyway

Hey folks, I’m Brooke Hamilton. I am the CEO and founder of PEAinternational. My give parents and their elite athletes, the tools and strategies required to enter college/university on a sports scholarship/s. Now you know who the heck I am, what’s my story anyway. Here is a little snippet of the journey that brought me here.

Back Journey

As a young whipper snipper, I struggled with fitting in. You see, I was very skinny and an extremely good athlete. I did have friends at school, but I was taunted, teased, and physically attacked by students that didn’t like my achievements. 

My achievements got me to elite status. I was given the keys to my city. A bittersweet moment. I was so excited that I had hit some massive goals. I worked hard, and now I am being rewarded for it in a town ceremony. The feeling was amazing. However, when I went to school, my celebrations were met with brutal bullying. It was too much.

I went home in a fit of tears. I demanded that my parents send me to boarding school. Then I could be near my coach and other athletes like me. Yes, that’s right, I made elite status while my coach was 8 hours away. I was on my way to achieving my biggest dream of competing in the 2000 Olympics.

My parents had agreed to let me move 8 hours away. They released me into the care of boarding school staff and my coach. I was unaware at the time, the financial pressures my family were under. The thought they had to pay thousands for every term I was there, had never entered my mind. I was just happy to be away from my hometown and with my coach where I belong.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Unfortunately, I became extremely ill with glandular fever and ross river fever, resulting in chronic fatigue syndrome. Private health wasn’t an option, with my parents collecting me to take me home. I was devastated, and my world was being ripped apart. Everything I worked so hard for, was for nothing. Worse than that, I had to return to my home town, and to the bullying.

After a lengthy recovery, I was able to return to training and competing. Nothing ever improved at school. My science teacher bullied me. He once threatened to take my sports privileges away for sneezing in class. My dad had enough by this point. Though it was behind closed doors, I knew the conversation between my principle and father was not a positive one. I could hear the heartbreak in my old man’s voice. He pleaded with him not to take the only thing I loved away from me. That day, I swore I would never let anyone take anything I loved away, and I would just work harder. It was time I show the world that I am capable of anything.

Hard Work And Determination

I worked my butt off day in and day out. Swam early in the mornings, practised my jumps at lunchtime at school, then trained all afternoon. I became focused and determined. It was clear that I would need to put all my energy, wasted on defending myself, into being the absolute best of the best. I would never hear my fathers heartbreak again.

My direction was clear. I was sure I knew where I want to be. Then the unthinkable happened. I had a growing disease in my knee called oz-good-slaters disease. It had been developing for a long time, and it finally got the better of me. I was advised to take six months off, or I would be in a full leg cast for 12 months. It was a no-brainer. I had to stop. My world came crashing down around me again. The thought of what I would do to keep myself busy was nothing but a sinking burning feeling. A feeling that I couldn’t grasp a hold of.

External and Internal Desires

I went through many transformations from this point on. Honestly, I went off the rails. I began hanging with the wrong crowd, doing all of the wrong things, and absolutely breaking my parent’s hearts. The one thing I promised that I would never do.

My external desire was to be able to run, be the best, and stick it to everyone. However, my internal deepest desire was to never hear my fathers heartbreak again. I never wanted to listen to my parents hurt. Nor did I want to be the reason they shed a tear. I wanted them to be so proud of me for overcoming all the obstacles and the bullying. That was my deepest internal desire. Instead, I was THE very reason they were hurting. As I began to mature, I realised just what my parents went through my whole sporting career. I began to understand the extreme lengths they went to, in order to keep my dream alive all those years.

Breaking The Walls

You see, my parents went broke. They lost houses, and when I was rebelling, my father was recovering from a very serious work accident. They had no money aside from the small wage mum was bringing in working two, sometimes three, jobs. But I never went without. We always travelled away for big competitions and stayed in hotels. I had good equipment and shoes, and my parents always ensured my well-being. 

When I begged my parents to send me to boarding school, they couldn’t afford it. But I went anyway. They couldn’t afford the constant travel, the fancy spikes, or the accommodation and meals. And when I became violently ill, they couldn’t afford the proper care to keep me there. We couldn’t afford to see private specialists and physiotherapists. And when my knee went on me, we couldn’t afford around the clock care. No rehabilitation until I could run again.

Our family was broke, the family felt broken, and our lives were torn apart. I realised my parents knew I had a special gift to offer to the world. They just wanted me to embrace it and shine.

The Epiphany

I began to wonder. How can I prevent other families from experiencing the same heartache, while still giving their athletes every opportunity to shine? What can I do to give every deserving athlete sporting glory, and a great education. How can I help their parents avoid a lifetime of debt? From losing their house? and worse, the family falling apart? 

As my thoughts went crazy, I had an epiphany. If my parents had the knowledge and know-how on scholarships and grants, we would have avoided all the nasty mishaps. My parents wouldn’t have gone broke or lost houses. The travel and accommodation would never have been a problem. Most importantly, I would have got the best medical care and rehabilitation programs. My sport would have continued, as would my focus. My parent’s hearts would never have ached as much as they did. What if they had a support person in their corner? Giving them the tools and strategies to help me successfully gain scholarships, things would have been so much different.

It’s All In The Plan

I decided that it was time to go back and get that kick butt education I always wanted. Time to use my expertise toward helping families avoid these tragic outcomes, and turn them into positive opportunities. I no longer run. Injury during surgery left me with limited use of my left leg, and a displaced pelvis. Instead, I now play a mean mental game of 8-ball and absolutely love it. One day I plan to represent my country.

This one day I met an amazing influencer and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Kelly Roach. Kelly opened my eyes to the opportunities that now lay before me. It was time to take my gift and give. Give it to those families who have the same dreams, hopes, and goals that my family had. The same burning desire to succeed and accomplish achievements beyond belief. They are the families that need my help.

Take This New Gift And Give

I will be their support person. I can take the stress, overwhelm, and financial fears out of the college experience for them. We will find those colleges. The scholarships and grants I can help athletes create a healthy balance between sleep, school, sport, and nutrition. I can show them how to build those amazing, visually excellent sports portfolios. Together, we will create a strong social presence to be in front of coaches sooner. We will complete all applications together and help the young athletes prepare for a college life routine. Together, we will make the journey an exciting, unforgettable experience that both athlete and parents can remember together. And the best part of all, together we will achieve success. Those young deserving athletes will enter college on as many sports scholarships as it takes. Possibly scoring a free ride to the end.

My new deepest inner desire is to watch every one of those amazing young athletes succeed. I want them walk out of those college gates with pro status and a strong career in front of them. All the while, their parents will still own their house. They will have no financial qualms, and can sit back and enjoy watching their athlete absolutely kicking butt at life.

Climbing Over Conflict

Now I had a vision, it was time to come up with a plan. So with some very intense conversations with my business coach and mentor, I began to build PEAinternational. I spent the last three years promoting our local juniors while studying. When I completed my studies, it was time to focus only on building my companies brand, building rapport and trust. It was time to build a community of sportsters all with the same goals, dreams, desires, and problems. I have spent the last twelve months hitting my goals and nurturing my audience. I want people to know that I am here to offer something that no one else offers. accountability and accessibility! My plan is to be that support person for my audience, that my parents never had.

All The Achievements

It has not been an easy road by any means. It was only a few months in that I realised I could never build this brand on my own. I would need a team to help me achieve my ultimate goals. After some scary calls, I got lucky and found super freakish team members. They are everything to me, and this company.

I ran into tech issues often. There was confusion with which way to turn. Always stressing that perhaps no one was listening. How would I share testimonials? PEAinternational’s brand new, very niched down, and we had no athletes yet. I have local juniors I have promoted and placed in the media. And helped one on his journey all the way to the junior world championships. But I never actually helped anyone gain sports scholarships before. How would I stress that I know what I am talking about? How would I prove that I am experienced and dedicated? Many different conflicts arose. I have been determined since the beginning, that no problem is too big for my team to solve. Together, we will help thousands of athletes achieve college success.

Now, twelve months on, I am proud of where PEAinternational is heading. I am so excited to see every success story and watch athletes achieve their ultimate hopes, dreams, goals, and desires. I’m happy to say that I now have a strong company and team. I have an amazing community of sporting parents and athletes. And I have a fantastic business coach and mentor, and nothing but goodness on the horizon. We are ready to make every athletes ultimate dream come true. As a company, a team, and a community, we will help elite student-athletes gain entry into college on sports scholarships. How ever many it takes to score that free ride.

Final Transformations

The biggest transformation on my journey, was realising the trauma and pain my family had experienced. I took initiative, did my research, and decided to help families avoid the same burn, the same pain. I realised that our athletes don’t need just another sports agent that doesn’t REALLY care. They need a support person, someone who is accountable and accessible at all times. Someone who has been there and experienced some of the best and the worst. Our athletes need a personal support person who not only cares about the athlete but the athletes entire family. I now feel transformed into a leader who can lead our athletes into a much brighter future.

Thanks for taking the time to read some of my story. You can schedule a call with me today, and put an action plan in place for your athlete. You can begin implementing it right away. Schedule a call here today https://brookehamiltonindustries.com/free-consultation-call/

You can also come over and join my amazing community of sporting parents and students all wanting the same thing, a successful college experience. Join us over in Promoting Elevating Athletes private facebook group today, and you will be blown away at the fun we all have. Just follow this link to join http://www.facebook.com/PEAinternational

Yours in sport, Brooke Hamilton, CEO, PEAinternational


I give parents the tools and strategies required to help their elite athletes achieve their dream of a college sports scholarship. I teach everything from maintaining balanced sports, sleep, and school lifestyle, build visually pleasing sports portfolios, college and scholarship choices, creating exposure through social media, and the application process from start to finish. All this, and more. Your athlete's success is my #1 priority.

Do you want Brooke to build your athletes entire 4-year plan and give them access to expert consulting and world-leading coaches, scouts and educators?

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