How To Create a LinkedIn Profile

How To Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a platform built for professionals to collaborate, connect, grow, and succeed in their businesses. There are hundreds of millions of members on LinkedIn around the globe. If you are an elite student athlete, the parent of an athlete, a business or company, you should be on LinkedIn connecting with professionals in the same space as you. It is the go-to platform that helps with productivity and success. If you are not yet on LinkedIn, keep reading and I will tell you how to create a LinkedIn profile.

Join LinkedIn And Create A LinkedIn Profile

To join LinkedIn, you must first google LinkedIn, which will take you to a sign up page. You must use your real name here. LinkedIn policy states that you must use your real name to create a profile. No company or business name, and no aliases. You must enter your full name and email address, giving contacts some form of communication with you. Don’t enter any other personal contact details.

Create a Password

Now you create a password. Choosing an easy password, will leave you open to cyber crime. There are ways to ensure your accounts are safe. Create a password that’s easy to remember, and add a capital letter, a number, and a special character. To avoid forgetting your password, write it down, and keep it somewhere safe. The more difficult your password is to crack, the safer you are in the online space.

How To Create A LinkedIn Profile

As with all your social media profiles, if you want to capture the interest of coaches, you must create your profile, to stand out above the rest. Pack your profile with punch! Know how to create your LinkedIn profile with a hint of spice and all things nice. Keep it simple, clean, and professional at all times.

LinkedIn will ask if you give them permission to access your email contacts. I recommend creating a new email account for all of your college, sport, coach, and professor contacts. Give LinkedIn permission to access that email account. They will connect you with all of your email contacts via LinkedIn. This is a great head start. Gather all your contacts you already have, into the one place, and start connecting.

Connecting your LinkedIn account with your sport/education contacts, will guarantee that you won’t miss any future communication from college coaches, admissions staff, sporting directors, and assistant coaches.

Current Employment

LinkedIn will now ask what your current employment status is. If you are an elite student athlete who is not currently employed, please do not state that you are unemployed. State that you are, “an elite student athlete looking to gain entry into college/university on a sports scholarship”. Or “an elite student athlete”. By writing your position now, as opposed to ‘unemployed’, you are showing a display of direction. You are telling your audience that you have a purpose and a mission. It indicates forward planning and dedication.

Choose Your LinkedIn Account Type

Upon creating your LinkedIn profile, you will have an option to choose your account type. There are two options, the free version and the pro version. I suggest, that you only need to use the free account. It’s simple to use, and doesn’t cost anything.

If you are curious about what the pro version has to offer you, that a free account doesn’t, take advantage of the months free trial. Keep in mind, if you don’t cancel the subscription, LinkedIn will keep charging you for every month you are on there. This could result in you paying for something that you are not really benefiting from. If you no longer want to keep the pro version, you will have to cancel the subscription yourself.

Upload Your Profile Picture

Now I have told you how to create a LinkedIn profile, it’s time to upload your profile picture. You will need to make sure that it’s 200 x 200 pixels. Anything larger will create a blur, making it hard for your audience to recognise you. Make sure you are using a head shot. Your audience wants to see YOU! They don’t want to see a dancing squirrel or a water fountain.

List Your Experiences

LinkedIn will now ask you to provide your ‘experience’. This is where I would recommend that you upload your sports portfolio, if you have one. If you don’t yet have one, do not stress, you can find all of the information and resources needed to create a sports portfolio, over at ‘Promoting Elevating Athletes’ private Facebook group at

For now, you can manually add any experience you have. Remember, don’t leave anything out. List absolutely everything you can do. Use keywords for better search optimisation, and list all of your experience from current to least current. Any experience you have in any area of interest, add it. All work experience and volunteer work, should be added to this section.

Add Skills To A LinkedIn Profile

This is a good place to add your stats, positions you play, clubs and teams you play for, and any personal records. Any skills you have that are relevant to your mission, place them in this section. List any other sports you play outside of your first sport of choice.

LinkedIn recommends including, at the very least, five skills. This will increase and promote higher engagement levels. If you are having trouble thinking of skills, remember that almost everything is a skill. If you have the ability, to twist your tongue and wolf whistle, you have a skill. There is nothing to say that you cant add any quirky skills you may have. If anything, it shows that you are not afraid to show your personality. This is a big plus in any coaches eyes.

Add Education To A LinkedIn Profile

This is a big one folks. As you add education to your profile, be sure to include every facility you have been a student at. Don’t leave anything out. Tell your story from the beginning. That’s what coaches want to know. Include extra education, training camps, conferences and seminars, certificates, and anything else educational that’s related to where you want to be.

Write A Smashing Summary On Your LinkedIn Profile

Now you can write a smashing summary that will call on college coaches from near and far. Be creative, and show your personality. To ensure that your smashing summary is showing up in searches, make it 40 words or more. Within your summary, be sure to include where you are right now in terms of your future goals, where you would like to be going on your journey, and where you want to be in terms of your future. Tell your audience everything they need to know about your goals, dreams, aspirations, hopes, and desires. Smash your summary out of the ball park, and create a LinkedIn profile that sings.

Catch Coaches With Your Headline

Your linkedIn headline will show up beside your name on your profile. To catch coaches with your headline, you need to impress within seconds, and just a few words. The headline can be trickier to come up with. Please take the time to think about it, and create one that tells your story, within a couple of words.

Impress your audience, and ultimately they will want to click through and check out what you have to offer. An example of a catchy headline would be, Veterinary Science Student, graduating 2025| Swimmer, National champion 2019, or, 1st year Law Degree Student, graduating 2027| Soccer Striker, Australia team 2019. All your audience wants to know are the very specific details that show who you are, what you do, and where you are going.

Create A LinkedIn Profile, And Add Your Interests

Your interests will be included in the ‘extra information’ section. Now it’s time to start adding the fun stuff. Include all your interests, and try to use a good variety. Add your hobbies and extra curricular activities that you enjoy outside of school and sport. Anything that resembles who you are as a person, your values, quirks, and anything else that has not already been mentioned in previous sections.

Begin Building Your Network

Now, begin building your network. Connect with coaches, recruiters, professors, other athletes, friends, admissions staff, sporting directors, and any other persons of interest. Remember, use keywords to help you find your target audience. Search for the names of colleges or universities you would like to attend, coaches names that you already know, and past student athletes. There are hundreds of millions of people using LinkedIn, and potentially millions of people for you to search for and find. Every person, who uses LinkedIn is searchable. If you cant find who you are looking for, narrow or change your keywords, and try again.

How To Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Updated

Now you know how to create your LinkedIn profile, It’s very important that you keep your profile updated. Regularly check your messages, and respond to any likes and comments on your posts. Comment on, and like your audiences content. If you want to build rapport, you need to be an active member within your audiences community.

Send congratulatory messages, and birthday wishes. Congratulate your members on new job positions, or for holding a job a long time. If you want your audience to engage with your content, you must first engage with theirs. Keeping your profile updated, and regularly checking in, will ensure that you have fresh new content for your audience to engage with, and coaches will always know where you are at in your journey.

Create A LinkedIn Profile, Load Content, And Conquer

Now you know how to create a LinkedIn profile, start creating content and conquer. Keep it relevant to your sport and study. You can include articles, fun facts, and quotes. Provide statistics, training and study updates, and all new achievements and milestones. Add videos, highlights, upcoming competitions, and any other news you may have. Keep your members up to date with everything relevant to your mission.

How To Create A LinkedIn Profile Summarised

LinkedIn serves as a platform for professionals to meet, connect, and collaborate with other like-minded professionals. It is a platform that allows professionals, athletes, businesses, and serious job seekers to be more productive and successful in their mission. This gives the hundreds of millions of members an opportunity to place themselves in front of the right audience, within their field of expertise. That’s why you should know how to create a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a great space to post publications, articles, videos, photos, and job openings, with peace of mind knowing they will been seen by all the right people.

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