6 Ways To Ignite College Coaches With Your Instagram Account

6 Ways To Ignite College Coaches With Your Instagram Account

It’s easy enough to create an Instagram account and find some folks to follow, and vice versa. However, finding the right folks to follow, who truly resonate with you and your mission, can be somewhat tricky. And after you do manage to find those people you want to shine in front of, what on earth happens from there? What should one post on their Instagram account, and where should it be posted? Following, are a few ideas I have on how to ignite college coaches with your Instagram account.

1. Load Your Grid Feed To Ignite Coaches

Your grid feed is the main feed that you can layout beautifully to capture the attention of coaches. The tiles created within an Instagram feed can be used as a checkerboard. Strategically placing tiles to create a pattern, can really grab the attention of your audience. For example, you can place a quote on a plain coloured tile, then a picture on a seperate tile, coloured tile, picture tile, and so on. See the following example (1) of a beautifully designed checkerboard.

You can lay the grid feed out in many different ways, such as placing vertical or horizontal lines. This is where you place your pictures to create lines that make a bigger picture. You can create puzzles and make a picture narrative of your mission, or include white borders around your tiles, giving the overall look a sharp professional look. I recommend sticking to the one colour scheme throughout your grid feed. Use your colours you chose for your brand, and be consistent. Place your action photos, sporting quotes and fun facts, pictures of your favourite sport stars, your stats, and anything else that inspires you, within your grid feed. Hint: Make sure there are more pictures of you than anyone else. Coaches want to see who YOU are, no one else.

(1) Example of grid feed
Grid Feed with colour scheme and white borders

2. Ignite Coaches With Your Instagram Stories & Stories Highlights

The stories feature in the Instagram and Facebook platforms, have taken off in popularity at a crazy pace. Over 5 million Instagrammers use stories every day. They have become an invaluable marketing tool for businesses, professionals, athletes, and anybody else looking to tell their story, and put their brand out in front of the eyes of their target audience. A story only appears for 24 hours, and when you have 10 000+ followers, you can include a swipe up feature that enables viewers to join in polls and questionnaires, email lists, and outside communities. Stories won’t show up on your grid feed or normal Instagram feed. They can be saved to story highlights however, which enables your audience to go in and view them any time.

To create a story on Instagram, when you open the app, there is a small camera on the top left corner of the screen. You will then be given an option to take a photo, upload one from your gallery, or you can even record a video. These are a sure fire way to impress coaches when you upload the right content. Use stories to post updates, personal records, highlights, training sessions, and recorded training and competition videos.

When you have uploaded your content, you can add filters, stickers, text, and drawings to give your story the pizazz it deserves. You can find these options by tapping the smiley face on your story, pick the sticker you would like (there a polls, questions, location, countdowns, hashtags, temperature, GIFS, quiz, emoji sliders, and so many more), move and resize the sticker by pinching and sliding the sticker to the desired position. Have fun with these, but remember, keep it simple, clean, and professional because the coaches ARE watching.

3. IGTV Will Ignite College Coaches With A Need-To-Know You.

IGTV is one of my personal favourites. These are pre-recorded video clips that run from 3 to 10 minutes, and when used properly, will ignite college coaches on Instagram, in the chair they sit in. Originally, they were only able to be taken in vertical form, however, there are rumours these can now be done in horizontal form to allow better use of group videos. I will update on this as I have more information. IGTV is a stand alone app that you will need to have, to be able to upload video. However, anyone can watch the channel of those they follow, from directly within Instagram itself.

IGTV is a handy tool for keeping in front of your audience, as every time you post a video, your followers will receive a notification. When posting consistently, you are consistently in front of coaches. If a coach loves what they see, they can share your videos to other coaches, sporting directors, and athletes via Instagram Direct which is the instant messaging feature. This is potentially maximising your reach to a much wider audience of sportsters.

To post an IGTV video, you will first need to download the app and sign in. From there, click on the settings icon and select ‘create channel’. And it is that easy, you can now begin uploading videos. IGTV requires that they are mp4 videos, and between 1-15 minutes long. To upload the your videos, go to your channel and click on your avatar.

There will be a ‘+’ icon in the right corner once you have clicked on your avatar. Click to add a new video. Select the video you would like to upload, add a title and description (make these catchy with keywords), then share. You can also add a 1 minute preview of the video to Instagram feed, which will also appear in your followers feeds, and will live in your profile grid. Now add a cover photo, or pick from the thumbnails Instagram recommends. And voila, you are ready to post.

4. Ignite Coaches With Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a fantastic way to connect with fans and followers in real time. You can ignite coaches with Instagram Live by posting real time trainings clips, and competition events. Show them what you are made of, your passion, dedication, confidence, and positivity. Let them see the amazing sports star you are.

Instagram Live videos are only available for the time you are actually live, however, you can post a replay of these to your stories. To start a live video, all you need to do is tap the small camera icon on the top left of your Instagram feed. Select ‘live’, then ‘go live’. While live, you can see who are viewing and what comments are coming in. There are options to turn commenting off, pin comments, and share photos and videos all from within your live video. When finished shooting, tap ‘end’ in the top right, then again to confirm. Now there will be an option to ‘save’ or ‘share to story’.

Instagram live is a fantastic tool for connecting with college coaches, sporting directors, coaching assistants, other athletes, and so on. It provides an opportunity to connect in real time, which otherwise wouldn’t be possible without the accessibility of social media. It can take months for a coach to get around to watch a video you sent in an email. Instagram live provides a way to achieve that much sooner.

5. Discover Explore To Ignite Those Coaches

The Instagram Explore page is an opportunity to be placed in front of a whole new audience outside of your normal following. If an athlete can land on the explore page, they have a huge chance to ignite those college coaches on Instagram, that they have yet been able to find on their own. The ‘explore’ function is found on the same page as the ‘search’ function. Instagram features different posts from a different audience to your usual one, based on your interests and likes.

The more engagement your posts have from followers, the higher chance you have of appearing on their explore page, and that of their followers. This is a golden opportunity to extend your sports brand to a much wider audience. There are a few tricks that can help get you on your followers Explore pages. These include; your followers engaging with content, using location and hashtags, knowing when your audience is active, when to post at the right time, calls-to-action such as double tapping a photo or asking questions, and using other influencers pages.

One of my favourite hacks for getting on the Explore page, is by putting a slight animation to your posts. People on Instagram engage more with an animated post, therefore, creating an animated post will encourage more engagement, and increase chances of being showcased on ‘Explore’. If you have the opportunity, definitely experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Work your way to those explore pages. Coaches will come from places you never knew exist.

6. Ignite Coaches On The Carousel Feature

The Instagram Carousel feature, is one of the newer features to hit our feeds. Carousels are a great way to add slide shows and multiple photos in the one post. They give athletes a chance to highlight movements, exercises, and sequence sessions, in more detail than a single picture would. A carousel can include anywhere up to ten photos, and can be edited and filtered separately, or one filter can be applied to all at once. Carousels will help ignite college coaches on your Instagram account.

When a carousel is uploaded to the Instagram feed, viewers will see three small dots in the top right, or arrows on the edge of the first picture, indicating a carousel. Your audience can swipe through and check the rest of your amazing photos and videos out. This may seem like a small feature, however, it’s a versatile feature that allows you to promote brands and products. Start igniting coaches with a carousel of sporting highlights like no other.

Go Forth And Ignite Coaches With Your Stardom

Now you have six ways to ignite college coaches with your Instagram features. Most of these are simple to use with a little practice. These are just a few of the features you can use to put yourself in front of a very wide community of your people. If you would like more information on creating a sporting social presence on Instagram, or any other social platform, become a member of Promoting Elevating Athletes today by following this link https://mailchi.mp/d2e37d7ced4e/joinpromotingelevatingathletes

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