5 Advantages to using Stories on Facebook and Instagram

5 Advantages to using Stories on Facebook and Instagram

That little old function, that pops up at the top of the screen every time one logs on to Facebook and Instagram, may seem like a small thing, but it’s actually a very clever tool that can skyrocket anyone to success, when used properly. Not only is the stories function a fantastic tool to use, it has many different features that can help make them stand out above the rest. They help land an athlete on the desired audiences doorstep, and allows them to create group chats with chosen people. Following are 5 advantages to using stories on Facebook and Instagram.

1- Stories are always at the top of your audiences page

1- Stories are always at the top of your audiences page: When a story is created, there is a golden opportunity, as an elite student athlete, to land at the top of every coach, director, and teacher’s social media pages. A coach then has the opportunity to click through and view previous stories also. This gives the coach a chance to see the who, where, what, and how, before the application phase and before that first email is sent.

2- Stories can be used to create story takeovers

2- Stories can be used to create story takeovers for reach to a wider community: There is a little hack called story takeovers. To carry one out, the athlete must find another athlete, friend, coach, or teacher who is in the same space, with a similar audience that resonates with the athlete wanting to do the takeover. This gives both parties the opportunity to find a new audience to be in front of, ask questions, and communicate with on a regular basis. How it works, both members take over each others stories feature for a set amount of time. Within that time, the athletes tell their story to the others audience. In turn, placing both athletes in front of new people. This is a great hack that every athlete should be looking at.

3- There are many amazing filters to boost a story’s appearance

3- There are a crazy amount of filters within Facebook and Instagram story functions that add to the appearance, and appeal, of the story itself: From sparkles and stars, crazy faces and masks, to nation pride and save the world, there is a filter for any occasion. To use them is simple, just head to post a story as normal, then before it is posted, add the filter. There is also a new option that was once just for businesses to increase market research. It has since been open for anyone to use, and is developed using the spark AR studio. This function gives athletes the opportunity to create their own filter to use within their brand. This is a far more technical feature, but once familiar with it, can become an amazing tool.

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4- Chat stickers allow athletes to connect with their audience in a group chat

4- Chat stickers give athletes an opportunity to create group chats with their audience: A group chat is a chat within the Instagram story feature that requires the athlete, and at least one other person to join. The room must have two in it, for the athlete to be able to start the chat. This is also an opportunity to create polls, questions, and events right within a story.

The feature is easy to find. Just create a story as per normal, then before posting it, tap the icon in the top left corner, or swipe up from the bottom of the screen. There will be a few options to choose from, and once chosen, the athlete can place it wherever they like within the story frame, include text and change the colour, and invite people to join the chat. There is a golden opportunity here, for athletes to develop relationships with people they would have otherwise never met.

5- Consistently using the story function, consistently places athletes in front of college coaches.

5- The most important advantage of all, the athlete consistently placing themselves in front of college coaches: Every elite student athlete looking to gain entry into college on a sports scholarship, wants to be in front of college coaches. Using stories gives an athlete the upper hand, providing an advantage of consistently showing up on the coaches social pages. Coaches can view stories as soon as they open their page, and when they like what they see, they will click through to view the rest of the athletes story. The athletes target audience will have immediate access to their story consistently, and this can place them in front of those they want to be in front of, before the competition.

There are many different advantages to using stories on Facebook and Instagram. While some of them can be a little more technical than others, they are very effective tools to use. When an athlete understands all of the story features, and utilises them, they are creating an opportunity for themselves to consistently land on coaches social doorsteps. It wouldn’t make sense not to use them. If you would like help or more information on how to use Facebook and Instagram stories, or how to create a strong social presence as an elite athlete, visit our group Promoting Elevating Athletes, and become a member today at https://mailchi.mp/d2e37d7ced4e/joinpromotingelevatingathletes, alternatively, we have a free 30-min consultation call for those wanting to take action immediately by booking here https://brookehamiltonindustries.com/free-consultation-call/ Thanks for reading, see you there. Yours in sport, Brooke Hamilton.


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