Catchy Keywords To Help You Find Your Sporting Community.

Catchy Keywords To Help You Find Your Sporting Community.

Finding the correct target audience within your social media platforms, is an absolute must! First, you don’t want to be placing yourself on the wrong doorstep in front of people who don’t care. Second of all, when you are in front of the wrong audience, your competition is in front of the right audience. Ultimately, athletes are gaining all the exposure and you are missing out.

It’s important you are using catchy keywords to find the community you need to be in front of. Be sport specific, college specific, location specific etc. Words that resonate with your beliefs, values, and goals, are the words you should be using to find your people. Here are some examples of catchy keywords you can use to find your sporting community:

Sports directors in your specific sport: Be very specific. Include athletic directors, coaches, and trainers. Use different words that are sports related. Use your sport in front of every one of those words for each search you do.

Catchy keywords will find College coaches: First search for college coaches in general, because it doesn’t hurt to be in front of all of them. Then be specific by including the names of the colleges you would like to attend. Narrow it further, by including your chosen sport. If you already know the coaches you would like to be in front of, search for their name directly.

Search the name of your sport: It only makes perfect sense to search for your people with the sport that you love. You will find a lot of potential audience members here. Make sure you are researching the community you want to join, and they are who they say they are.

Search for the brands you love with catchy keywords: Searching for the brands that resonate with you will help place you in a community of like-minded people. It also provides a massive opportunity to source potential sponsors. Place yourself in front of them consistently and you may find yourself the next face of a huge sports brand. Search wide, and consistently show up on their pages. If not, it may be a long time before they know who you are.

Other athletes: Past and present college sports stars, past and present international sports stars, your competition in events you compete in. These will all help place you in YOUR community of people. You can keep up-to-date with whats hot for the college coaches, and what’s not. You can also find great tips and advice from other sports stars. Searching for your competition will help you stay connected. Stay up-to-date on their sporting progress. It will also give you a whole new community of like-minded sportsters.

Those are just a few examples of catchy keywords to help get you started on your search. These will put you in front of those people you WANT to be in front of, ultimately creating a strong social presence. As with anything, consistency is the key. Persist and consist until you see results, keep going.

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