How To Create A Facebook Business Page For Your Social Sports Profile

How To Create A Facebook Business Page For Your Social Sports Profile

There is nothing wrong with building your social sports profile on a personal page, however, there are features that come with a business page that can help you to really focus in on who your audience are, where they are, the sex of the majority, and the average age group. Knowing these details can give you a huge advantage, as you are able to see exactly where your target audience is, and what they want to see. There are also many other features that come with a business page that don’t come with a personal page. For example, there is a business integrations page and a creator studio which make it easy to schedule out posts, store videos, and cross-post over to Instagram. All of these will help to create a way to expose yourself to the right people, and still be able to focus your time on training and study. But, how do you create a business page, you ask! Well, allow me to quickly take you through creating a Facebook business page, so you can start creating today.

From your personal page, you need to go to the ‘create’ button on the blue menu bar at the top of the page, click on it, and select ‘page’. You will then be taken to a page that gives you two options, to create a business or brand, or, create a community or public figure. Select ‘get started’ on a business or brand. You will then be asked to give your page a name. I strongly advise naming your page the name you want coaches to know, and the same name that will be on all of your college applications. Consistency is key, even with your name. You will also need to select a category. Unfortunately, you can only pick from the categories Facebook suggests, so my suggestion would be, stick with something that has the word ‘sport’ in it. When these are done, all you need to do, is hit continue.

And voila! You now have yourself a business page. Now you can have some fun creating your new profile. Add your action shot, your main sport, and stats to your cover page. Create yourself a username, again, you should make sure that your actual name makes up at least part of your username. Add your profile picture, and start looking around at all of the wonderful features you can use, put your photos up, and put a few posts up so its not cricket town in there. Fill in your bio and about pages, and start searching for and inviting your target audience. When you have all these wheels in motion and ready to go, start to get your creative groove on and impress those coaches.

As you can see, it is not difficult to create a business page, and you don’t need to be a business to do so. There are a lot of awesome features you can use in there that will help you work in front of the right audience. You can also use a business page to gain access to insights which will show you what content your audiences like and which posts they are, or are not, engaging with. Having these tools gives you the opportunity to give your audience exactly what they want. Now it is your time to shine, so go forth and conquer.

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