How to Create Content the Coaches will Love

How to Create Content the Coaches will Love

It’s easy enough for most people to know what they want to post, and put every moment of every day on all their social media platforms, for all the world to see. But what does it really take to create the killer content that places you right where you want to be, and in front of a very intended audience? I will tell you what it takes, hard work, lots of research, and some absolute niched in keywords. As soon as you understand your audience and what is they are looking for, the better you can target those areas and answer their questions by giving them everything they are looking for, in your stand out smashing post. Getting to know your audience should be your first focus.

There are many strategies you can use to help you find the correct audience, work out what they want to see and hear about, and create content to match. First things first, where are your audience hanging? Use very specific keywords in the search engine of each platform you are on. If your specialty sport is track and field, you can search for track and field coaches and athletes etc, however, you can get much more specific by searching for your specialty event such as the high jump. For example, you could search for high jump coaches, athletes, and programs. The more specific you can be, the higher your chances are of landing right in front of those people you want to be in front of. Search for your specific events, position, and the names of colleges you wish to attend. When you find a particular college you are interested in, use the search engine on their page to get more specific by searching sports departments, programs, coaches, and teachers. When you have found your audience, you need to work out what they want to see, so you can make sure they see it.

Now that you have your audience, find out what they want to know about. Scroll through the page and see what other people are posting. Have a look at what content your audience is liking and engaging with, and what they are not engaging with. Is there a set theme throughout their posts that you can replicate to match the rest of their page? Are there, polls and questionnaires throughout the group that you can create posts around? Find out what kind of stats they like to know about. Always make sure you are following the rules if you are in a group though. Double check before posting anything. Now that you have worked out what your audience wants to see and hear about, it’s time to create that content that coaches will love.

Creating content can be very easy, but creating content that your target audience will love, takes a bit more planning and strategising. You need to be consistently showing up on your audiences doorstep, with content that will blow them away. You don’t want to show up without a plan just posting anything, you must be consistent with visually pleasing posts that all have a common theme. Use your brand colours, fonts, and borders etc, to stick with a common theme throughout everything. The more you post, the more your brand is seen, and when your brand is repetitive on your target audiences page, of course they are going to begin recognising it. Visuals are a very popular form of content creation, so including photo and video for the audience to SEE what they want, is highly recommended. Update your stats often, showcase achievements as they happen, and mix it up a bit, by including small quotes, inspirational messages, and fun facts. Post updates of upcoming events, presentations, and milestones. By consistently posting a mix of different posts, you are ensuring a strong social presence in front of the right people. Stick with a theme, be consistent, and show up often.

Those are a few simple steps you should start taking action on right away. While it might feel like a daunting task to create a strong social presence, you really don’t need to worry. Just follow these strategies and you are certain to be placing yourself where you want to be. For more information on how to create social exposure with the power of social media, visit the following link to become a very valued member of Promoting Elevating Athletes See you over there, yours in sport, Brooke Hamilton.


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