5 Design Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Your Sportsfolio Layout

5 Design Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Your Sportsfolio Layout

Let’s face it, sometimes we can begin to have a little too much fun when it comes to designing the layout of a sports portfolio, and the end result could be very bold, colourful, beautiful, and, well, a sea of organised chaos. It may look amazingly creative to us, but to the college coaches, it’s a “what the?” moment. It is important that you are creative and do pump personality into your sports portfolio, but it is ever more important that you do it in a way that still looks clean and professional, and is easy for college coaches to read, especially when they are very time limited. Here are 5 design mistakes to avoid when creating your sportsfolio layout:

1- Too much colour! Keep the background of your professional sections white. When you are in the ‘business’ section, be professional! Consider it a business document. When you create a resume for a job application, you don’t present it on bright coloured paper with hard to read font. Keep it clean, crisp, and simple in white. When it comes to ‘business’, less it best.

2- Your contents doesn’t match your content. Triple check your contents page. Always be extra cautious before you send your sports portfolio on to coaches. You cannot check too many times that your contents page actually matches your content. Lay it out right! The last thing you want, is for coaches to become lost and confused, this will only make them close the file and possibly not even archive it. Be extra cautious of this at all times.

3- Too much show, not enough tell! You don’t want to put photos, pictures, and illustrations all throughout your document randomly. You should keep them to a system. Add your photos, pictures, awards etc at the back of each section. Aside from the cover page and ‘about me’ page, all pictures should be at the back of each section. Tell the coach what they need to know, then back it up by showing them . Your logo should be kept small in the header or footer of each page.

4- Too much tell, not enough show! I know i know, confusing right? By this I mean you don’t want to babble on too much in the ‘business’ sections about anything that doesn’t relate. Keep it purely to the point of that page. Say what needs to be known, and nothing more. With such limitations on time, a coach will only want to read what they expect to see on that page. Leave the ‘business’ pages for the ‘need to know’ details then give them all the show. Now this mistake may seem very similar to the last, however, they are very different. You must read and re-read them until you understand the difference. At the end of the day, they are two VERY big mistakes that you should be avoiding. If you would like more information on these mistakes, join Promoting Elevating Athletes, drop me a message, and I will be very happy to help clarify them for you. You can join by following this link https://mailchi.mp/d2e37d7ced4e/joinpromotingelevatingathletes.

5- Just ‘winging’ it! Please, please, please, do not try to wing it if you don’t understand it. In other words, if you are in any way unsure about the do’s and dont’s of laying out your sports portfolio, seek help! You will only get around 3 seconds to impress a coach with each and every page they click through to. While you may have a killer cover page, an organised contents page, and smashing about me page, you still only have around 3 seconds to impress them on the next page, and the page after that. Therefore, it is extremely important that you lay it all out right, every page, word, photo, picture, award, logo, and page number, placed strategically in a way that looks professional, and is easy to read in a short space of time.

It is a fun and rewarding experience building your own sports portfolio, watching it all come together, a story of your adventurous life. Of course you want it to be amazing, and of course you want coaches to be impressed with it, so don’t let your pride stand in the way of asking for help. You often get one chance only to impress college coaches, so make that chance count. If you would like help on how to lay out your sports portfolio, or creating any other element of your sports portfolio, join Promoting Elevating Athletes today, and take advantage of my free live training sessions, along with many valuable resources, tips, tools, and strategies on how to gain entry into college/university on a sports scholarship, or ten! You can join today by following this link https://mailchi.mp/d2e37d7ced4e/joinpromotingelevatingathletes or if you would like to chat with me personally to discuss your sports scholarship options, jump on a free 30-min consultation call by following this link https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=17557115. I hope to chat with and see you soon, until then, take care. Yours in sport, Brooke Hamilton.


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