7 Must-have Items In Your Sports Portfolio

7 Must-have Items In Your Sports Portfolio

Taking the time to ensure you have absolutely everything you need for your sports portfolio, is necessary if you want it to be that shiny document thats easily identifiable, and easy to read. The one that coaches can pick up, click through, and find what they need within moments of being drawn to your kick butt subject line. When a coach likes a potential athlete, it is often because the athlete made it VERY easy for them to identify, locate, and read the appropriate documents in the first instance. If they like what they see, a coach will keep an athletes file for regular review, and could possibly flag their emails for each new piece of communication that comes through from the athlete. Therefore, it is important that you create your portfolio so there are no missing pieces. Leave it as an editable version for yourself so you can easily add to it as you need to, and always go through the entire document every time you plan on distributing it. How do you know what to put into your portfolio though? Use your contents page as a guide, and double check you have these 7 must-have items in your sports portfolio.

1- A kick-butt cover page, and a contents page. Your cover page is going to draw the coach’s eye to your sports portfolio. Make it big and bold, with an abstract feature and a photo of yourself in action to create curiosity and a need to click through. Once they click past the cover page, you should have an easy to read, clear to understand, systematised contents page. Make sure you have included page numbers and clear headings. It is wise to always check over your contents page before emailing it off, to ensure all sections are labelled correctly and the document runs exactly the way the contents page says it does. If a coach who is time limited wants to quickly reference one of your highlights, a good contents page will lead him right to the place he wants to be.

2- Sports! Everything you have accomplished, competed in, trained for, and so on. Include awards, certificates, milestones, and future sporting goals. Put any summer and sporting camps, media appearances and interviews, and a couple of photos and videos of you in action. Add all school teams you have made, and the levels you competed at. You also want to include all of your statistics; height, weight, speed, best performance, records held, and representative teams you have made. It is also a good idea to add your private coaches details (with their permission). You do all of this primarily for the sport you wish to play at college, then put any other sports you play underneath, slightly less detailed than your focus sport.

3- Education. Even though you are focused on gaining entry to college on sports scholarships, no coach is going to bother looking if you don’t show that you are working hard to keep a good GPA. You must have high grades if you want to go to college, and show that you can keep high grades. If you don’t keep a minimum GPA during college, coaches will pull your sports scholarship. So, it is very important that you include all of your academic achievements to date. You should include awards, prizes, certificates, presentation papers, public speaking and debates, exam and test results, student faculty and volunteer work, and specialty after school classes and programs. All of these help the coach to see how hard you work within your educational environment. If you choose to, you can add any past or current teacher details, however, you will include these later in the document anyway.

4- Work! Again, the coach wants to see how hard you are willing to work to achieve your goals, and help the community to achieve theirs. If you are still quite young, chances are you may not have had a job yet, but that’s okay, there is still plenty you can do to fill in this section of your portfolio. In this section, you want to list all of your skills and abilities within the work environment. Dot point all the duties you perform and if you work supervised or unsupervised. Include all volunteer positions you have undertaken, community services and projects, fundraising and charity work. These will tell the coach that you are willing to help others with no self gain. A huge positive for any coach looking for a hard working, team player. Any roles and responsibilities you have held at any point to date, should be included.

5- Personality! Yes, coaches want to know how amazing you are at sport and excellence in academics, they also want to know WHO you are. What makes your day, what are you emotional and passionate about outside of school and sport. In the personality section, you want to include your goals and aspirations, likes and dislikes, any strong political views, favourite sporting personalities and brands. All of these help the coach to understand who you are as a person. So let your personality shine!

6- Finances! I know, i know, who wants to think about finances when you have been having so much fun right? Unfortunately, you do have to think about this icky bit, and it is best if you are under 18, that perhaps you have your parents take care of this section. It will need to have all student financial aid reports, scholarships achieved so far, independent funding, sponsorship and so on. This will give coaches a good indication of the level of funding you will need throughout college.

7- Recommendations and references! Don’t let the coaches just take your word on how fantastic you are, let your references and recommendations tell them for you. This is where you want to include all recommendations you have from high school coaches, teachers, guidance officers, and chaplains. Also add all work references from managers, supervisors, team leaders, and HR staff. Gathering as many references and recommendations as you can will add a positive and beneficial element to your sports portfolio, and no portfolio is complete without them. Do not forget to include these, and keep adding to them as you progress through high school and beyond.

There are many elements to a sports portfolio, and it can be easy to feel somewhat daunted by the thought of creating one. As long as you map out your contents page, and use it as your guide, it really is easy to follow through and create a smashing portfolio. When you add something to a section of your portfolio, go straight back to the contents page, and add it to the appropriate section. Include these 7 must-have items into your sports portfolio, and you have made a very good start. If you would like more help or information on how to create a smashing sports portfolio, become a member of Promoting Elevating Athletes today. I host twice weekly live training sessions, and offer the resources, tips, tools, and strategies required to help you gain entry into college/university on a sports scholarship, or ten! You can join by following this link https://mailchi.mp/d2e37d7ced4e/joinpromotingelevatingathletes

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