How To Work Contents Into Your Contents Page: Mapping It All Out.

How To Work Contents Into Your Contents Page: Mapping It All Out.

When you have created your personal sports brand, sports portfolio cover page, and thought of your killer subject line, it is time to think about the contents of your sports portfolio. To give the coach, who is pressed for time, an easy to follow system, it is best to create a contents page. An easy to read, simple to follow, contents page that can be referred to for quick reference. The contents page will change frequently as you are building your portfolio, however, if you start creating it now and add to it as you go, you will have an up-to-date contents page throughout each stage you send on to coaches. Just be careful that you are keeping it up-to-date. Coaches don’t want to click on your killer subject line, look at your amazing cover page, be really excited to read on, just to be left confused by a jumbled contents page that takes them to the wrong page, wasting 5 minutes of their very precious time.

As you are thinking about the contents you would like to include in your sports portfolio, think about how you would like to section items. For example, if you play multiple sports, you will have a sports section. Within that section, you will have each sport that you play. I would suggest placing your primary sport that you are wanting to play in college first, followed by your other sports you play, from most played to least. Then, within each of those sports you will put your skills, game and team statistics, personal best performances, speed, height, weight, and any other particulars you have for that sport. You will also include photos, both in action and still, and any video highlights you have. It’s a great idea to add any media appearances you may have been in, and interviews you have been a part of. Your sports portfolio should run fluently like this the whole way through.

It is best to include sections for your goals and aspirations, likes and dislikes. Include a section for your point-of-view and areas of interest, whether these are sports related, educational, or political, these help the coach get to know who you are as a person. It is advised to have a section for your work experience, and any community services and projects you have been involved in. Coaches, teachers, and admissions staff, also like to know any charities you are a part of. These all help to show that you are willing to work hard, and are selfless enough to help others. They also show you are a team player, able to handle great responsibility.

Of course, you also want to add a section that will have all of your academics within it. You can have each of your strong subjects first, with the not so strong subjects following. You can include a piece for your test scores, academic papers, creative works, and so on. Include all of your awards and achievements, and major milestones you have reached. Just make sure that you place the most recent things at the top. For example, if you have taken the SAT as your last exam, put that result first, under the test scores part of the academics section. This may all seem a little bit daunting or confusing, but just remember, you are only mapping out your contents page. I will take you through the actual contents in another post. For now, just begin mapping out your sections and playing around with how you want your contents page to look.

You can still have your brand border around your contents page, and use one of your brand fonts to jazz it up. Just make sure it is still easy to read, and it’s not too busy. A coach must be able to look at it quickly and know, almost immediately, exactly where they need to go to obtain the information they want to know. Obviously, you want to include the sports and academics sections before the others, however, it is a good idea to also include an ‘about me’ page at the top. Coaches will want to know what you look like and what you hope to achieve by applying at the college you are applying for. Please, please do not forget to name the college you are applying for. The coach you have sent the email to does not want to open it, just to realise you have copy and pasted, and not included the correct name of the college. Something very small like this can be enough to turn a coach’s attention the other way.. A lot of this is just attention to detail. It is also why it is a good idea to map your contents page out, and play around with it until you are happy with it. Your contents page does not need to be completed until you have contents to match it.

Now you are locked and loaded with some great ideas to get started on mapping out your contents page. It is all about you and your personality, so add any small thing that you feel will resonate with college coaches and their search for your super star abilities. If you would like more information on how to create a contents page, or building a sports portfolio, join Promoting Elevating Athletes at I host twice weekly live training sessions, and have all the resources, tips, tools, and strategies you need, to successfully gain entry into college/university on a sports scholarship, or ten! And we have some fantastic competitions running at the moment, so pop on over and check them out today! If you are pushed for time and would like to get cracking right away, jump on a free consultation call to discuss your best course of action RIGHT NOW. You can book a call by following this link I can’t wait to get working with you and together, we will help you to achieve the college dream. Take care. Yours in sport, Brooke Hamilton.


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