How To Make A Fatal Colour Mistake On Your Cover Page.

How To Make A Fatal Colour Mistake On Your Cover Page.

We all love a dash of colour in our lives to brighten up the day and make us feel happy. There is however, a few fatal mistakes you can make with colour when it comes to creating a sports portfolio. If you don’t have a consistent colour scheme throughout your documents, the admissions staff and coaches won’t recognise your brand, will be lost in a confusion of different colours, and likely put your portfolio in a big pile of maybes, rather than the pile that says ‘must contact immediately before another coach does.’ This is why it so very important to stick to that one colour scheme throughout everything you do.

Creating a sea of mismatched colours, or including every colour of the rainbow, is definitely a fatal colour mistake! There needs to be a maximum of four colours used consistently throughout everything, in order to really grab coaches attention. Too much colour will take the eyes focus away from where it needs to be, and thats on you! When creating a cover page for your sportfolio, you want your name to jump out in a big bold colour from your brands colour scheme, then create the rest of the cover page around that. Keep words to one colour, and use borders, shapes, or abstracts, to give it that pizazz. Again, keep to your brands colour scheme.

The only place that you can get away with having a sea of colour, is the amazing photo of yourself in action on the cover page. Use your photo as the main background, or you can use it as your whole background, use a little transparency and some abstract shapes, and you have yourself a very effective cover page. EVERYTHING, other than your photo, needs to be kept to your brand colour, consistently. The eye should be drawn to your name first, which is why it’s best to go big and bold. Then the eye should go to your most recent achievement which is best placed directly under your name. Following this, the eye will be drawn to your photo, they will absolutely love what they see, will continue to read your particulars, and click on through to view the rest of your sportfolio, and you will find yourself on the watch list.

I cannot stress enough, just how important consistency is. You are creating a brand for yourself, an easy identifier for admissions staff, college coaches, and teachers. You want them, as soon as they see your colours, logo, and font, to know exactly who’s document they are about to open. If your first one is done right, they will always want to click on, and read any and all new information you send through. So don’t make a fatal colour mistake and confuse the coaches with a rainbow, give them a good, strong, powerful brand that they will recognise immediately and want to open without delay. For more information on how to create your cover page for your sportfolio, and effective hints, tips, strategies, and live training sessions on how to gain entry into college/university on a sports scholarship, join Promoting Elevating Athletes today at or if you are pushed for time and would really like to kick things into full gear, jump on a free 30 minute consultation call so we can discuss the best course of action for you. You can book a call by following this link

I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve the college sporting dream by gaining entry into college on a sports scholarship, or ten. See you over in Promoting Elevating Athletes, and until then, take care. Yours in sport, Brooke Hamilton.


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