How To Bowl College Coaches Over, With A Killer Cover Page.

How To Bowl College Coaches Over, With A Killer Cover Page.

College coaches are extremely busy, and for most of them, their workload doesn’t stop when they knock off for the day. They have to ensure their athletes are training, keeping healthy, and maintaining their grades. One often doesn’t think about the fact that these college coaches and sporting staff are required to maintain their own health and fitness in order to keep their jobs. It becomes quite evident that a college coach is pumped for time, all the time! This is why it is so important to create a killer cover page. It needs to grab a very busy coaches attention, and make them so very curious to read the whole document. While a cover page is a very important element to a sportfolio, it is one piece that you can ramp up the creativity aspect. It still needs to be easy to read and understand, and it’s best to avoid jamming it with too much, but it can be colourful and creative. For the best advice, resources, tools, training and strategies on how to gain entry into college/university on a sports scholarship, join us today at Here is my ‘how to’ on creating a killer cover page.

Background: Playing with transparency on your photos, preferably in action, is a really powerful way to pack your cover page with punch. Lightening your picture and covering the whole background with it, is effective as the first thing the coach will see is you in action, but will be drawn to the content also. The background can be left plain, however, I would add a different element such an abstract shape for example.

Borders: This is one place where you can use those amazing borders that make a statement. Go abstract, go thick, go fancy. My only piece of advice is not to fill it with too many different styles. A thick line across the bottom of the page, or up one side, or a shaded box in the middle of the page, are just some examples of elements you can add. Make sure that the lines sit well with the background, and still leave sufficient room to add the most important element, the content.

Fonts: Go bold or go home! The cover page is your statement page, and nothing says a statement like big, bold print. Of course, I don’t mean to make everything bold, but you can put your name in big bold letters and your speciality sport in a smaller sub-heading style underneath for example. Again, it is best to ensure that the style font you use works with both the background and borders, or abstract shapes etc. The style and design of your cover page is very important. If these elements all work together effectively, then the coaches are certainly going to read the content.

Content: The contents of your cover page is limited, but very important. The coach wants to know within basically a few words, that you are what they are looking for and absolutely have to keep reading on. The most important details are needed here, to let the coach know you are the right fit for them. There is no point in them reading on, if you don’t meet the requirements. You want to include your first and last name, your current high school, expected year of graduation, email address, and phone number. You can also add your physical address, however, you can put it further in the document if you prefer. You can also include your sport, and your future sporting and academic goals. Beware, if you choose to include these, only do it in a few words, for example, “I aspire to play college basketball while completing a law degree at Stanford”. The coaches want few words, and to the point.

These things should all come together to make one killer cover page that will bowl the coaches over in a home run. They are very busy and time limited, so pack your page with punch to grab their attention. If you would like help creating your killer cover page, or with any other aspect of achieving a sports scholarship at the college/university of YOUR choice, and save thousands in sports, accomodation, travel, health, and academic fees, pop on over and become a member of Promoting Elevating Athletes today. I host twice weekly live training sessions that will help you towards your journey to achieving the college dream, and everything in between. You can join by following this link I hope to see you there, until then, take care. Yours in sport, Brooke Hamilton.


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