5 Things To Avoid When Creating A Personal Sports Brand!

5 Things To Avoid When Creating A Personal Sports Brand!

It can be super fun and very exciting creating a personal sports brand, and, as it should be! However, there are still certain things you should try to avoid. The idea of creating a sports brand at the present time, is to grab college coaches attention, and make your impressionable mark on all those involved in the recruiting process. So avoiding big shiny objects that will draw the eye away is definitely a good idea. But what should you avoid when creating a personal sports brand? Here a my top 5 shiny objects to avoid:

1- I have said it many times before, and I will continue to, but you MUST avoid using a big sea of bold colour. Have one bold colour, then two or three lighter shades that all look absolutely amazing together. Too many bold colours will distract the coaches eyes from the prize, YOU!

2- Don’t get too busy with it! You don’t want to make your brand too busy to look at. If there is too much going on, the reader won’t know where to look first, and could possibly skip over your brand to opt for something that looks easier to identify. You want to have one really powerful message conveyed, rather than ten less impactful messages that just create a flood of confusion.

3- Avoid too many bold or italic fonts. A bold font is used to create a statement. Keep the bold fonts for headings and sub-headings to draw the readers eye to a particular section you want them to read. Try to avoid italics as they can also make a document quite hard to read. Save the italic font for social media engagement posts (just an example). Just be wary when using italics, that you never know who wants to read your document or post, and may NOT because it is just too hard to read.

4- When creating your logo, try not to use silly pictures, emojis, cartoons etc. Rather, use a photo of yourself either in action or a still photo in sports uniform. Or you can use something simple like your initials placed nicely together. You can then build the rest of your logo around the photo. Remember, don’t get too busy with it. Just your picture with a nice simple border, your name, and your message, sounds quite dull, however, if done properly, can be very powerful.

5- Avoid rushing it! Take your time, have consistent breaks, and look at it with fresh eyes. Your brand tells the targeted audience what your message is, who you are, and that you are here to stay. YOU must be absolutely happy with your brand for it to work effectively. So please, take your time and don’t rush. Patience is a virtue

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