Time To Get Creative: Time To Get Your Brand On! A Few Simple Steps To Get You Started.

Time To Get Creative: Time To Get Your Brand On! A Few Simple Steps To Get You Started.

Creating a brand for your athlete doesn’t mean you are about to market your child as a product, rather it’s an opportunity to create a lasting brand, that is used consistently throughout documents to create a professional, simple, and effective look for your athletes image. This is very important when you are working on strategically placing your athlete in front of college coaches.

As you are creating a brand for your athlete, it is important to think about three things: consistency, simplicity, and effective. In other words, you want to create a brand that best represents your athletes favourite things such as colour, font, photos, and borders, keep it simple and easy to read, and use it consistently and often. Only then, will your athletes brand be effective in grabbing the attention of college coaches, administration staff, teachers, and so on.

First step, is to create a colour palette that your athlete loves. You can create a mix of different shades, some bold and some gentle. DO NOT make it a rainbow mix of bold colours as the rest of your brand will be lost in a sea of colour. Then you can choose particular fonts that your athlete likes, and use them consistently. I suggest staying away from fancy cursive fonts as these can be hard to read. You can choose nice fancy fonts, however, just be wary of how easy it is to read. From there, you can choose a set of borders. Stick to the thin and less bold ones. A simple thin border is effective, and doesn’t tend to take the eye away from the document to be read. Finally, create a logo. This can be fun! You can put a photo of your athlete in action, or a still photo, preferably in their sports uniform, and put a nice border around it with your athletes name.

There are so many different designs out there for you to choose from, and you can literally have a ton of fun being creative with your athlete. If you are keen to get this going now, and get your creative on, ‘Canva’ is a wonderful program that takes you through the design process step by step. Initial sign up normally gives you a free trial period of the pro version in which you can create your brand. There is also a free version after the trial period ends. My advice, take advantage of every trial period and take it from there. There is also one called ‘Fiverr’ where you can pay a small fee for someone to create the brand for you.

I have given you a few ideas here to begin creating your athletes brand. If you would like any help, or have any questions, please PM me anytime, or jump on and schedule a call here https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=17557115 If you are not yet a member of Promoting Elevating Athletes, and would like me to show you how to help your elite student athlete gain entry into college/university on a sports scholarship, join today and take advantage of the free resources, tips, tools and strategies, along with twice weekly bonus live sessions, that will show you how to help your elite athlete achieve the college dream. Just follow this link to be taken there directly https://mailchi.mp/d2e37d7ced4e/joinpromotingelevatingathletes See you there! Yours in sport, Brooke Hamilton.


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