6 Tips That Will Make Your Sportfolio Sing

6 Tips That Will Make Your Sportfolio Sing

When you are building a sports portfolio, you don’t want it to get lost with an inbox full of thousands of other applicants. You want your sportfolio to sing out “look at me, look at me!”, and for the coaches to think “oh wow, this one looks very promising, I will definitely open it and investigate further.” And, once they open and have that first look, they will be amazed by what they see, and will open every single document from YOU, from that point on. So stick with me at Promoting Elevating Athletes, and I will show you how to WOW the coaches with your sportsfolio. Click the link here if you can’t wait and want to become a member now! https://mailchi.mp/d2e37d7ced4e/joinpromotingelevatingathletes Here are my top 8 tips that will make your sportsfolio sing:

1- It is absolutely essential to have an amazing cover page, as this is one of the first things the coaches will see, and it will be the page that determines wether they will continue reading through the rest of the document. You can make your cover page sing by packing it with personality and branding, while still keeping it professional, clean, and easy to read. Everything the coaches love!

2- The absolute first thing the coaches will see, before they even look at the ever so important cover page, is the subject line of the email you send the document in. You therefore need to have a subject line that grabs them within a few words. This can take some thought, but see what you come up with. Try to make it fun, catchy, and professional. You can join Promoting Elevating athletes today for some great ideas on catchy subject lines at https://mailchi.mp/d2e37d7ced4e/joinpromotingelevatingathletes

3- Branding, branding, branding! Create a brand for yourself that speaks your personality in spades, in a professional way. There are many great programs that can help you build a brand. You can use a brand colour, logo, fonts, borders etc, to use consistently throughout every document that you send (other than the forms that require simple black and white format.

4- Coaches love quick 2-minute clips that you can pre-record and embed into your emails and other communication means. If you can win the heart of a coach in 2 minutes, then you are already looking at a home run. Use an introduction clip within your sportfolio that shows you are fun, enthusiastic, and ready to do whatever it takes to earn your spot on their sqaud. You can send quick 2-minute updates once a month, to let them know you are still very keen to make the team.

5- Put yourself in front of the media! Any recognition, appearances, interviews etc, the coaches absolutely love to see. It is social proof, not just biased opinions and coach recommendations. It is right there in front of them, that you perform to such a level that the media feels they need to be involved. Source as many media outlets as you can that would be interested in your story so far, invite them to big competitions and tournaments. In order to be noticed, you must put yourself out there. Add these into your sportfolio for that extra punch.

6- Consistency is key! You need to be consistent in EVERYTHING you do. Branding, regular emails and updates, consistent media appearances, catchy subject lines, 2-minute clips, these all require consistency if you want your sportfolio, and your career, to shine.

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