This is beautiful, I had to share it! If

This is beautiful, I had to share it!

If you think Sport is just about a scoreboard, you aren’t paying attention. Sport teaches us a spectrum of human emotions rarely found in one place: joy to pain, perseverance to exhaustion, community to rivalry, and triumph to defeat. Indifference dies while passion thrives. Sport at its core allows us to connect with what makes us Human.
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I give parents the tools and strategies required to help their elite athletes achieve their dream of a college sports scholarship. I teach everything from maintaining balanced sports, sleep, and school lifestyle, build visually pleasing sports portfolios, college and scholarship choices, creating exposure through social media, and the application process from start to finish. All this, and more. Your athlete's success is my #1 priority.

Do you want Brooke to build your athletes entire 4-year plan and give them access to expert consulting and world-leading coaches, scouts and educators?

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