Put your personality in your portfolio:

Put your personality in your portfolio:

Your athlete needs to have a set game plan for scholarship success! Begin building the sports portfolio in high school. Some things your athlete should include:

An up-to-date log of all contacts including coaches, teachers, trainers etc, must be kept for later reference, and be included in the sports portfolio.

Include a photo, and a video shoot within your portfolio. While you can do this yourself, I highly recommend hiring a professional sports photographer to really make them stand out.

Create a folder to keep a record of all photos, sporting updates and awards, newspaper mentions, news videos, and academic records. You can also create a website to keep all of this information and provide the link to prospect coaches.

Have your athlete attend summer sports camps (time for some fun), and include a record of all of these in the portfolio. A camp is a good way for your athlete to train and learn in a different environment, with different people. It’s an opportunity to have a bit of fun amongst the serious, and a great way to get noticed by scouts.

Building a sports portfolio should be kept simple, yet professional. It can also be fun. It’s an opportunity for your athlete to show coaches their individual personality, the amazing things that make them who they are.

Highlight all of their goals and aspirations, their skills and abilities, what makes them passionate, and show their point of view. Take this opportunity to have fun while building a perfect highlight of your athletes life. An amazing and visually pleasing portfolio is what will stand out for a very busy coach.

Stay tuned. Next post I will talk about the layout and design ideas for a visually pleasing sports portfolio. This is where we can get our creative hats on and tailor the design element to your athletes personality.

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