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What Do We Do?

College sports is an extremely competitive game.

Brooke will design your athlete’s customized 4-year college recruiting plan and deliver expert consulting with access to some of the world’s leading coaches, scouts, and educators.
With her tough-love approach and no BS, Brooke ensures every element of your athlete’s college recruiting plan is designed with strategy and positioning and implemented in a way that delivers stellar results for extraordinary athletes.

Hi, I'm Brooke!

Mother of five boys and former elite student-athlete, Brooke is the host of The College Sports Success Podcast, a Brainz 500 global entrepreneur 2020, sponsorship delegate for UWFC, and founder of The Elite Athlete’s High-Velocity College Plan.


Brooke is an expert college planning consultant with a mission to help elite student-athletes worldwide develop effective higher-education plans, and gain entry to the most exclusive colleges & universities around the world, while maintaining a high-performance sporting career

What others have to say...

"Brooke Hamilton and her team are amazing! I listened to all of Brooke’s advice and watched a bunch of her videos and meetings. She is so informative... My son has just received a huge D1 scholarship! Thank you, Brooke!"
Sheila Bommentre
Valued Member
"All things are possible when you have someone that is a champion and advocates for you. That's exactly what Brooke and her team does! They really act as that intermediary that connects all the dots and really helps you to understand what steps to take, when, how and where."
Kelly Roach
Founder & CEO of the 'Live Launch Method'
"Brooke was amazing with her knowledge, experience and advice in helping me with a blog. She listens well and is easy to communicate with. She is great to work with and I highly recommend her!"
Roxanne Bates
CEO of Simply Kids Wellness

"My son just received a college offer for Track & Field! I love all of your videos and all of your advice. Thank you so much!"
Valued Member

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